1. Try going into bios and then under post behaviour>warnings and errors change the option to “continue on warnings and errors” save then restart. U might have to connect the 40pin back first in order to get into the bios menu.

  2. Buy a new laptop lol? I mean yes it sucks, but if there’s so much corrosion then what do u want the shop to do? Replace the motherboard? At that point, it might actually cost less to buy a new laptop than to start replacing parts until u have a fully functioning computer again.

  3. Just googled it, did you get the racing or touring screen?

  4. 2017-2020 is the same bike so anything should fit the same across the years

  5. Once bought a Logitech G502 mouse from bestbuy… it was “sealed” with a clear circular tape on both ends of the box. Thinking the package is all good, went home, opened it up only to discover a used Logitech MC master mouse… went back to exchange, brand new unopened Logitech G502 package has a clear plastic film covering the whole box… Turns out those clear round stickers r what best buy uses to reseal a box… it’s gotta be an inside job.

  6. Cat 3 is rated to do 10 and 100 mb, just maintain the natural twist of the pairs. You may be able to get away with gigabit on very short runs, but probably not worth the errors and potential connection instability.

  7. Um no… cat3 is rated at 10Mbps only if u have 1 pair, 1000Mbps if u have 2 pairs, n close to 1Gbps if u have 4 pairs. In a pinch it will work, just won’t work well.

  8. Ur best bet is to go to vinyl shops n use their vinyl sample pack to find the closest colour, just imagine a key ring with samples of the actual vinyl. I used both a set of 3M and Avery sample to find an almost perfect match to the Yamaha ice fluo orange, n Avery calls it “gloss red” lol.

  9. Inaccessible boot device points to hard drive. If like u said it crashes every time u move ur computer, then chances r u have a loose ssd in there. Open it up n double check.

  10. Other people have told me this and I checked and as far as I can tell the ssd does seem loose. Maybe I am checking incorrectly

  11. Like u said, it crashes every time u move it, then SOMETHING has to be loose in there somewhere. Worst case scenario it could be a loose socket n there is nth u can do abt that lol.

  12. Ur on a site that plays videos, it caps out to whatever frame rate the video is.

  13. It’s normal, just give it a few days to settle. The more u touch/rinse it the more it’ll disintegrate.

  14. unless u get a oem dash for cheap, u may as well get the aftermarket LCD dash

  15. Search for koso rx-4 mt-09 dash

  16. pour seafoam into crank case, ride bike for an hour or so, do an oil change

  17. Is this just a basic type c port or is this a thunderbolt port as well? Check thunderbolt drivers.

  18. its almost like... this issue could be prevented... by something thats been invented... and is already in every day car on the road?

  19. Thanks for the info, no looking to get it to a mirror finish. Just looking to get them back to the original dull bead blasted look? I think that’s how the akra pipes r when new.

  20. Did windows update change something overnight? Had this exact same problem. Disconnect your dock, restart ur laptop, once logged in then reconnect the dock. Windows 11 still glitchy lol.

  21. mine was the bulb itself, check for that or a rubbed or chafed wire to the headlight

  22. i dont think the oem LED bulbs r removable?

  23. I've replaced all 3 bulbs in the headlight so I think they are

  24. for the gen 2 headlights?

  25. If the previous installer was competent, then the installer code would've been updated. If the previous installer was incompentent, then the default installer code would probably be 1111 lol.

  26. Fibre gets fed into the white box on the wall. Then to the NAH which doesn't produce wifi, hence the cylindrical boost. Everything looks normal in terms of the setup, but that cable management is god awful

  27. No it doesn’t look right LOL. What the tech did is just pure laziness. Most likely the ONT on the wall was there for a previous install. Seeing as OP does not have phone service (as evident by the lack of phone cord coming out of the wall ONT), the tech SHOULDVE removed the wall ONT, replace with a SFP ONT plugged INTO the NAH and then connect to the boost for wifi.

  28. Manufactures do this all the time, artificially inflating their “retail” prices just to mark it down n look like ur getting a steep discount.

  29. Fine silver glitter in oil is perfectly normal, especially during the break in period on a new engine. If there are little CHUNKS of silver then thats an issue. As for milky colored oil, that def means water got into the oil and got mixed, usually a sign of head gasket failure on higher millage engines. If u checked the oil window and dont see the milky color, the dealer is def pulling a fast one on u as milky colored oil will be very obvious, even when looking at it via the oil lvl window.

  30. Apple airpods pro, no jokes the ANC function on those r very fking impressive.

  31. Anything moving/rotating in ur engine will wear and make ur oil all glittery, as long as its not chunks or shavings then ur good. U can also shine a flashlight at the oil n take a picture which should pick up the "glittery" effect on the picture u take.

  32. Ur not running an O2 sensor? Did u get tuned?

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