1. How do you guys get such dominant seasons. Like what’s the secret

  2. But like how do you only lose 1 game, is there like a lineup strat?

  3. So what? You are a kid obviously like what adult gets joy from that? Your mom should have swallowed you

  4. This just makes me wonder what he had to do to get back in good graces.... The casting couch never gets too old even for a seasoned vet like Will πŸ€”

  5. You should reply to his profile and get his number. Just saying there is a high chance he has people tied up in his basement. I'd send them folks right to his crazy house, at least for a welfare check... Not money i mean like a check to make sure everyone is safe. You might be a hero because that mfer is coo coo 😡

  6. The mental picture of this female version of Buddy Ryan giving a Johnson Jerk over some slack jaw Gomer Pyle lookalikes grave, is mind scarring 🀒 And no that is not the lingo where im from, no I am not old, this lady's tinder brought something out of my spirit

  7. I know right! I live on ketchup and this girl i met lives on mustard smh go figure

  8. Fuckin hate when that happens. Thankfully, my wife and I are on close contiments, (I’m BBQ, she’s Ketchup), so we were able to agree on soy sauce. We’re quite happy actually.

  9. I’ll take the downvotes, I would try it. But that better be French vanilla ice cream.

  10. You're a brave soul, i didn't realize people would get so mad at me over food. They mix maybe questionable but no one can say that it doesn't look good separated. The chicken looks flavorful and juicy, the bun is toasted and soft and the ice cream is homemade.

  11. Just like the end of a movie, when the villain wins πŸ˜†

  12. How does the pickle juice thing work?

  13. It works like a brine that makes the chicken juicier as well as infusing flavor.

  14. Wish i could guess the lottery numbers this easy πŸ˜†

  15. Looks good, but..... I'm going to need a full bowl lol im a growing man i need my nutrients πŸ˜†

  16. It's a Hot Brown Sandwich going down and it's a Hot Brown Sandwich coming out πŸ˜†

  17. My problem is that it was highly unlikely he actually saw a doctor. This was CVS, so they saw either a Nurse practitioner or Physician's assistant.

  18. I think you missed the point, it has zero to do with "doctors". This could have been a car shop, where op spoke to a black mechanic the day before. When coming back in, saw a white mechanic but wanted to refer to what op was told previously. Op is asking was is wrong to refer to them by "race" not "job title". The store "CVS" could have been any place of service, it's just a placeholder in the context of the actual question.

  19. I was not responding to the original commenter. However, I meant to respond to the person above you in this thread. I was very specifically responding that person, you, and all the others here who were commenting about not using "doctor" to be a sign of disrespect for their credentials.

  20. I apologize i was wrong I said I thought you missed the point, now it's clear you completely missed the point smh. The post had zero to do with credentials 🀦

  21. The sausage be so good too it soaks up all the flavor! Enjoy you have me jealous lol

  22. My only problem with plates like these are... I never know where to start. Lol i want to eat it all πŸ˜†

  23. You might be on to something there πŸ€”πŸ˜‚ Edible bongs hmmm

  24. For a moment I thought it was a bong πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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