1. Any Muscle Man episode for me as well, especially if it’s involved with Starla. But if I had to pick one, probably The Longest Weekend.

  2. I would go as far as wanting TV Shows and their respective episodes should be rated on Letterboxd, like iMDb.

  3. Putting aside that I love the new season...

  4. Who’s the greatest wrestler in the world?

  5. Yes of course!! I don't know who told you it wasn't that good. They were probably just irritated by the change in art-style that happens near the end of the series. It's pretty much the same crew making the same show, just with a change in art direction. Gun to my head, I'd definitely say I prefer the earlier art-style, but the later art-style is good too. Imo, The character designs aren't that great, but the animation and atmosphere is still on point. I highly recommend you watch the rest. If you find you don't like it, you don't have to keep watching. But don't deprive yourself of the chance to experience it for yourself just because somebody else didn't like it. :)

  6. Alrighty, thanks! Plan to finish the entire series then watch the Mr. Freeze movie.

  7. You do. Also don't sleep on Mask of the Phantasm or Sub-Zero. Phantasm is not just a great Batman movie it's one of the best Batman stories ever. Get ready to feel feels you didn't realize you could feel during a Batman movie.

  8. I’ve actually already have seen Phantasm before I even started watching TAS, absolutely loved the movie. The other I haven’t seen yet.

  9. Even though I want to see Gargano in AEW, I want it even more just to see Pulse’s reactions lol

  10. From left to right: James, Jawnny and Tony.

  11. Good god, why would you make yourself do this? I'll never understand wrestlers like this who think it's a good idea to do something this dumb for attention.

  12. I bet Shawn watches some bullshit anime, slice of life style.

  13. Bret wants to be seen as the best and has an uncomfortable relationship with a father figure. His main rival is the hot-tempered sexy wrestler who is more charismatic and a show off. The cold, quiet wrestler who is like a corpse is actually the father figure's favorite.

  14. Can’t help but to find it funny that Del Rio pops up in people’s least favorite in all my questions for favorite and least favorite champions lol not saying it isn’t warranted ofc

  15. I forgot Scott Hall ever won the US belt lol


  17. It’s kind of wild that a literal murderer held this belt and I’m still comfortable saying Jack Swagger was worse.

  18. Hated seeing the Rock and Taker w that belt it felt wrong. Batista and Hunter were my favorites.

  19. Rock held the WCW title, not WWE’s big gold belt lol

  20. One of the rare times Rampage was better than Dynamite. Every match was good to great.

  21. Instagram influencers. Just stop. If you weren’t hot, nobody would give a damn.

  22. If we could blackball Ryback, that would be nice.

  23. World champ,the titles have been more inbreed then a bulldog. It is so hard to separate them

  24. I think it’s easy to separate them, when we hear WWE Championship, we obviously think of the belt that the company has established as their #1 belt in their company. It’s not like I asked favorite and least favorite WWE World Heavyweight Champion lol

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