1. Y'know I never got this. My dad had his special paddle that he kept right by his recliner, in the basket next to all his newspapers and Time magazines. Nice thick piece of wood that must have been coated with some sort of protective finish. Why were people getting new switches every time they wanted to beat their kids?

  2. It was the mind game of having us choose our own switch that they fuck us up with. “Pick your poison.”

  3. That should be a map replay. Idk how it’s not being reviewed right now.

  4. Honestly someone tell me how that missile killed him and a teammate. From the replay that looks like a bug and the map should be replayed.

  5. No thumb, so that he doesn’t have to change his grip and approach.

  6. It is worth it. I’m personally waiting until I can replace all of my balls at once to switch to 15 since I don’t want to throw different weights.

  7. Last one I ordered took 5 days including the weekend.

  8. Belmonte and Simonsen both bowl semi-fingertip almost going down to the second joint.

  9. Cup your wrist, stay under the ball and roll it off of your hand up the back of the ball. Try to get lower at the line. Just working on those things will help a ton with speed and getting a predictable reaction imo.

  10. My release or timing. Sometimes my wrist breaks early and I missing outside with less revs, then I’ll overcompensate by cupping my wrist longer and the next shot will get lofted and miss inside.

  11. I just picked one up. It's one of those balls that will always be in Storms lineup along with the HyRoad and IQ Tour Solid.

  12. I just got to roll my new IQTS today and it’s so much more forgiving than my BW Ghost Pearl is. Early release, late release, get my hand around the ball instead of behind—doesn’t matter, the IQTS gets back to the pocket on a THS.

  13. I only have been to one bowlero and the pso was passive aggressive about people not using their thumbs to bowl, so I just never went back.

  14. I think it's time for me to invest into a spare ball, but until then how can I work on getting my spare conversion up with my reactive balls

  15. Practice flattening your hand on the release and rolling a bit faster if you want to roll your strike balls for spares.

  16. Black Widow Ghost Pearl goes long and is very strong on the back end. But on my house shot I have to move a fair bit left (15+ boards) by game 3 of league if I don’t want to bowl 19 mph. Lol.

  17. So when I’m releasing you want my elbow to lock but keep my wrist like limp?

  18. Not really “keep” your wrist limp. More like “snap” your wrist open at the bottom of the swing. If you watch any of the great 2H bowlers, they cup their wrist all the way to the end of the swing, then they all break (I know, probably not a great word) their wrist at the bottom for revs when the ball is coming off of their hand. There’s still tension, but the wrist is no longer cupped.

  19. It’s just not tailored to you because it’s a house ball. Once you get your own ball and have it drilled and fit specifically for you, much of the pain will go away. Then as you work on your form, you’ll eventually bowl without pain.

  20. Focus on form with your Revenant and grab 1 (only 1) spare ball. Once you because more consistent and accurate, you’ll see how the ball moves and be able to make a more informed decision on which ball to grab next.

  21. I like the BW Ghost Pearl ($150+drilling) but I likely bowl pretty differently than you.

  22. This is the only competitive scene ive heard of that bans this much mechanics from the game

  23. If the devs would create a diverse and balanced game, very few things would need to be banned/GAd. Unfortunately, the game is created with couch gaming as the sole focus, which results in very unbalanced competitive gameplay. Without GAs and bans, comp would be full of M4s/74us/SPRs, riot shields, constant UAVs etc. The already low skill ceiling would sink even lower and the gameplay would be even slower.

  24. Honestly I think it's because the ttk is so insane people feel like there's no choice.

  25. If you really like the Ghost, my first thought is keep it simple and maybe try the Black Widow 2.0. It’s the same core so it’d feel familiar to the Ghost, just with an earlier cover. It’ll hook quite a bit out of box but I’ve found once mine lane shined it got much cleaner and better for house conditions. If you’re worried about too much hook you could try a symmetric dull/solid ball instead, something like a Phaze II, Gamebreaker 2, GB4, Cuda, Venom Shock, etc. Those would still hook early enough for what you need but not be as strong as the 2.0.

  26. Im not OP but I found that I couldn’t really handle the 2.0, but the ghost fit me very well. I ended up going with an iq tour because I was having to super yeet or loft the 2.0 to get a good hit at the bowling alley I bowl at.

  27. I would invest in a spare ball and shoot spares straight. You’ll be able to find much more consistency than you will with a back up ball.

  28. Bowling against “That Team” that takes forever because they are always missing when it’s their turn to bowl.

  29. That’s my team, unfortunately. But we’re not slow because we’re missing our turn to bowl. We’re slow because we miss ON our turn to bowl, so we shoot 30% more shots than most others in the league. We’re just not good yet.

  30. Making bad shots, knowing what I'm doing wrong, not able to fix it.

  31. A year late to the party, but this. Except add another issue to the roll. I’ll know what I’m doing wrong, but I’ll focus so hard on fixing it that I’ll lose something else on the next roll, doubling my issues. Lol.

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