1. If I could chose one person and only one person off this list to work with, it would 100% be Dwight.

  2. At least No Man's Sky is probably the best space survival game you can get now. It was ass on release though.

  3. Please stop preordering. It's the whole reason why we have games released in early beta instead of a released as a finished product. STOP.

  4. People who ask others not to pre-order are dumbasses, get over it, we're pre-ordering anyways.

  5. And that's why they put out unfinished buggy games dumbass, don't ever complain when you can't play your pre-ordered game.

  6. If it's gonna be good it'll be good, if it's gonna be shit then it's gonna be shit, get over it.

  7. if people stopped buying it they would stop making it and maybe focus on the game a bit more

  8. This will never happen, people will always buy this shit, the devs are the ones who need to stop adding this dumbshit to their game.

  9. Yeah, but they're still biologically a dude, and probably still have a penis, I'm not judging though, if he's into that then who am I to judge?

  10. Why not simply edit the part where you made a typo, to no longer have a typo?

  11. Shh. I think you meant to say Keep is a terrible place and no one should drop there. That said, me and my team will selfishly drop into Keep so you don't have to. We do this out of kindness and love for the community.

  12. For sure, we all know you're a very selfless person and not selfish at all.

  13. Just save up CoD points until you can afford it, or buy something else that's cheaper.

  14. yeah there is. IQ is not really bringing much to the table besides her gadget, which can be replicated by tons of operators. maybe in casual IQ preforms well, but in a tanked or pro league mindset, IQ is not entirely necessary or at least far from the meta that’s present in those communities.

  15. You know, I have an idea for you, instead of editing it and saying "ranked not tanked, you could edit the part where you spelled it wrong and fix the spelling error, it's a much more logical fix to your typo.

  16. I mean rainbow six games are a simulation so it doesn’t really count

  17. Did you ever actually make the YouTube series? I would totally watch it if you did.

  18. Yeah, these new voices are not worth the money, you'd expect voices that we have to pay money for to actually be good, or at least decent quality, but the new voices are neither imo.

  19. I forgot an apostrophe... way to sift through an entire message to try to be right about anything. Pud lick

  20. There* not their, besides, that's not the only problem with your comment, you're also being aggressive for no reason. Don't call other people dumbasses if you yourself are a dumbass.

  21. It was a term of endearment, social justice warrior. Where the fnck were you for Roe V. Wade?

  22. What in the hell does Roe V. Wade have to do with you being a fucking asshole you unbelievably stupid moppet?

  23. It's fine, I agree with most of your points, it was just a slight little bit hard to read.

  24. Aesthetically speaking, it does impact the gameplay, but I don't think that they ever consider that.

  25. Yeah, I understand what they mean when they say that, but I feel like they're entirely missing the point, which is as you said that these weird skins effect the aesthetic of the game and in my opinion they effect it negatively, I've been killed by Anime skins and Snoop Dogg so many times it's not even funny, it's just weird.

  26. I never said that the cosmetics were forced on anyone. I said that I don't like the way that they look. I am allowed to have a gaming preference. I did mention the styles of games that I do like, although they tend to be more mil sim in nature, I do like an arcade shooter. I do like apex legends.

  27. Yeah, I don't get why if you say that you don't like cosmetics on the Warzone subreddit the only response people have is either agreement or "it's just cosmetics it doesn't effect the gameplay."

  28. Yeah that works too. If it's really a bother for you just see if any admins are on and they'll love to perma ban those little fuckers.

  29. Eh, I don't care about it enough to get an admin to ban them, besides, decapitating naked midgets while they're distracted trying to RDM other people is a good source of free kills.

  30. Yeah there's loads of trolls who go around and FFA in duel servers, it's pretty fun you should try it yourself. I would go so far as to say that a duel server without a pink midget running around and bonking people with a maul isn't a true duel server.

  31. I just ended up equipping a Zweihander and killing all the midgets with mauls before they got a chance to RDM people, it was pretty enjoyable.

  32. Never take it is the worst song I have ever heard from them. I absolutely love everything else but this one makes me mad

  33. I usually understand that opinions are subjective, but this is just so not okay.

  34. Fairly Local. That is a god awful song. I would say Fall away is also pretty bad just because of the vocals, and the RaB vessel songs (except guns for hands and Mabye ode to sleep) are all bad.

  35. I always see everyone shit on Fairly Local but that's one of my favorites.

  36. Last chance to play it for a decent while, I'm pretty sure he didn't mean it's the last chance to ever play it.

  37. You mean Resurgence, the Rebirth map is still playable today.

  38. Since you blocked him, allow me to respond for him. You're still the saddest sack of shit snowflake on here

  39. Doesn't bitching non-stop about a game get old? It is OK to go play something else.

  40. I use STG/Blixen and drop a few 20 kill games per night deleting bots like you, thanks for the kills MW gun users!

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