1. I’d love to watch both these guys fight Gunther

  2. It floors me that MJF and Kenny Omega have been on the same programming for years now

  3. With the way these eliminator matches go, it’d be cool if Takeshita actually beat MJF in this one to earn a title shot which he’d then lose. Could even be a DQ in this one to show MJF is scared of him

  4. Only if we get another Upside Down concert with Velcro Fly.

  5. This is one of those book to tv series changes I am totally behind

  6. I never even considered Pedro as Roland, but Mando IS a gunslinger so I can absolutely see him nailing this

  7. Pretty great start I’d say. I do think Rey vs Dom will be 1v1 though. Also need to find something for Wyatt, and hopefully LA Knighy unless he’ll be in the ladder or Andre match. I could see Theory doing a U.S. title open challenge that Cena responds to.

  8. Overall this feels pretty underwhelming, though we’ll see what happens when casting and more info on these projects is announced.

  9. He’ll reestablish from the loss in one promo and build a few wins leading into his next program. I could honestly see Austin fighting him at Mania

  10. High profile match that’s almost certain to be a show stealer

  11. It makes complete narrative sense to be Rhea vs Charlotte, though I had been anticipating Bianca. Of course, they could easily headline one night of Wrestlemania 40 next year

  12. I lol’d when Dustin did this recently and Excalibur called it the “Unnatural Kick” to which JR replied, “It’s unnatural all right”

  13. Cody and Rhea both know about hard times. Cody of course from Dusty, and Rhea from Ex-Con Dom’s horror stories from the clink.

  14. How perfect if Cody is actually the one to bring back a modern twist on a classic. Really hope it’s a unique and actually non-child’s toy looking design.

  15. The story is Cody because his whole life and career has been building to this.

  16. Burrow & Chase have been doing this dance for years man!

  17. The Fink and the Dapper Yapper are my top 2, she may well be next on that list

  18. Really good booking as well to have Cody eliminate both Ex-Con Dom and Logan Paul. They both had fun showings and were the two biggest heels in the match

  19. That may very well be what ends up happening, but that would be such an unsatisfying arc for Jey from a story perspective. He’d go from seemingly breaking away from Roman’s manipulation only to revert back to being his bitch. It’s definitely not the “happy” ending you’d think WWE would go for.

  20. I don’t think that’s the end for Jey, or Wrestlemania the end for the Bloodline. Just another turn in their story. The fallout from all of them losing their titles at Mania, a version of the group we’ve crazily never seen yet, will eventually have the Usos break away from Roman. And specifically Jey getting a singles win over him later this year. That’s the ultimate end of the group imo, ending where it started. Maybe even in a HIAC match.

  21. Roman went from a years too long essentially more hated Cena 2.0 to one of the great heel characters and title runs ever. It’s in the upper echelon for sure and runs circles around The Rock’s turn imo. Obviously he’s one of the most beloved ever, but his heel run just does not compare to Roman’s.

  22. The obvious emotional story the past few months has been Sami and Jey, with Roman as the facilitator. Sami will get his shot at EC, but maybe Jey costs him the match imo to set up Mania where that story finally pays off. Idk how people don’t see Sami and Jey has been the story for months now.

  23. Amazing, literally the entire sub in agreement on something for once. No one wants her back, why on earth would WWE?

  24. The last time we saw him Cody put on one of the gutsiest performances ever in one of the best HIAC matches of the modern era. He’s gonna be a mega face just like when Triple H first came back in 2002, and simply will not get booed. Many of the IWC’s hatred of Cody for no particular reason doesn’t mean that’s how the majority of the fanbase feels.

  25. Tables are your main question? At least they’re functional. What exactly is the reasoning for all the other paraphernalia under the ring at a wrestling event - sledgehammers, bags of tacks, barbed wire, stop signs, bowling balls, Hornswoggle, supernatural entities!

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