1. I’m so happy for you and Harold! (Leshawna is just jealous)

  2. This is the best wedding I’ve ever seen! I wish you both the very best! 😁

  3. I’m so happy for for you! I wish you two the very best!

  4. Thanks for inviting us! My husband and I really enjoyed the wedding and wish only the best for you two

  5. For the love of god just tell me we dont have to deal with another cringe account spaming in every post and its just one random funny post lol

  6. We get it, your a horny fatherless teen that's concerningly obsessed with a fictional character (suprised you don't have a body pillow of eva already)

  7. Honestly, the fact that you dedicated the majority of your reddit account to that one character is hilarious, embarrassing, and sad, all at the same time

  8. We get it, you're horny for eve. Stop spamming this sub with that shit

  9. Why would Noah be Bruno? Chris (Just a hated guy overall) and Ezekiel (Talks to rats, acts weird, is an outcast, and had that whole plot about him hiding inside the plane’s walls) make a lot more sense in my opinion

  10. Noah is Bruno because the whole AU is centered around the parody of We Don’t Talk About Bruno I made called “Noah from Total Drama’s Really Hot”

  11. duncan and heather thing aside, your brain is massive and i would love to see more content for this au.

  12. ”Noah from Total Drama’s Really Hot” is part of this AU

  13. Damn Eva looking good 😍. Hopefully Noah sees it 😳😎😏

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