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  1. Yeah as I'm older now I do think that's a bit weird.

  2. Yeh... I was 14 when I realized that I was heavier then kakashi so… I've known for a while

  3. I didn't experience this sub as being overly against woman wriring M/M and overall, I think most ofthe chritisism (at least for the MHA fandom) doesn't come from queer men but from people who just don't want M/M in their fics and art no matter who wrote it, or who are against teen romances in general.

  4. lmaooo so true. i’m 23 and feel like 30 if that makes sense. 7 years is a long time now that i think about it. anyways, i’ll edit this post :)

  5. 7 years is not a long time. Don't ask me where my last seven years went. I feel like I was your age yesterday.

  6. I think it's because for every long project like canom rewrites you have a few cool ideas that motivates people to write, and some great scenes you imagine far further down the line. Sports Festival is when the early excitement is gone you realize writing it is kinda more annoying than you thought, and the cool stuff you want to get to is still too far away.

  7. Nya finde aber auch dass er sich danach nicht unbedingt glaubwürdiger redet. Am Ende kam mir vor, als würden sich da zwei scammer unterhalten.

  8. Ooh another pet peeves of mine is people who disparage smut writing and writers. The people who act like they genuinely don't understand why smut is more popular than genfic. Like come on now, that's like saying "I don't understand why most people like food."

  9. I also often feel like "everyone just wants smut" is just what people tell themselves when their gen fics don't get the reception they want. "Sex sells", sure but a lot if not nost top received fanfics are not E-rated smut fests. Gen-fic has an audience and complaining about smut writers won't increase your likelihood of finding your reader base. It only really helps you telling yourself you're somehow a superior writer who unlike those sell-out smut writers swims against the flow even if there's nowhere with you.

  10. Lmao I do the opposite. I like to use as gross as possible language in explicit smut fics.

  11. Tags mostly. I'm not really into any particular ships though there are some I don't like. So for rhe most part I don't care much about which ships are tagged if any. Mostly I'm craving fics with or about individual characters, so the easier the tags make it to figure out who the main character is and the significance of the other characters in it, the better for me. That's why for example, I find it pretty impoetant that if multiple characters are tagged, authors start with the main and gradually make their way down to the least important.

  12. Nya typisch schwarzarbeit. Da stimmen keine Arbeitgeber zu die brav Mindestlohn zahlen wollen

  13. Ein geflüchteten Freund wollte arbeiten, hat aber keine Duldung erhalten und findet somit keinen Arbeitsplatz. Hat dann Schwarz arbeiten müssen - die Flüchtlingsunterkunft kostet ja 300 Euro im Monat - und 3 Euro auf die Stunde bekommen.

  14. Ich sag ja nicht dass Leute in Notsituationen nicht manchmal keine andere Alternative haben. Ich sag dass idR kein Arbeitgeber eine Schwarzarbeiter anstellen würde wenn er dafür nicht mega Geld sparen könnte. Du riskierst doch kein Strafverfahren nur um dieselben Kosten zu haben.

  15. This is such a long comment and it misses every single point I made that I tried to whittle down to be as concise as possible and every point other commenters have put, and I have no idea how you've managed that.

  16. I find it funny that you mention the length of my comment while calling your own concise when you needed most of your OP post to say that fics with many chapters will get more kudos with chapter by chapter kudos, even if they have otherwise the same length (in word count). And that that might effect how people break up their fics.

  17. I don't think I underweighted it all, I considered that a very important part of my post that I addressed explicitly.

  18. There was one last week in the news where a reviewer used the word "Wucher" (usury) in the review because a 15€ order did cost him am additional 4.99€ in shipping costs. They sued him because they knew that they would win. Luckily for the customer he won.

  19. So the customer won? Ergo the german law did not protect the company more than the critic.

  20. The intention was to make it clear that companies are so used to winning that they won't hesitate to sue you if you even criticize the shipping cost.

  21. Often it's not so much that they are sure to win, but mie so hope that whoever they sue won't contest the claim. Most people cave when they see a letter from a lawyer never mind face an actual legal battle.

  22. IMO Sirius is also Chaotic Good. He does a lot for others, and certainly did in the first war. He would have still done so, if he wasn't forced to hide at Grimmauld Place. Sure he was rude and a bit of a bully in school, but still.

  23. To be honest I'd call both Sirius and Lupin as good despite their flaws. They are deeply flawed sure, but they were always "good". Even Snape is more teetering on god as far as his alignment is concerned. On the neutral side, I think I'd rather see characters like Fudge, slughorn or well even Luna.

  24. I find that in fanfic there is a fine line between a really mean insult or angry rant and the best compliment you get all month.

  25. Ooh, they look nice. I feel that Tom Riley fellow would do fine as Sirius as well. There's just something about Ben Barnes's look that doesn't vibe well as Sirius to me, but maybe it's just because of the photo. I might have a different opinion if I try to see what he looks like in other pictures (I have no idea who any of these people are)

  26. Yeah, I can never quite agree with Barnes. I don't even know why. I need curly long hair for Sirius.

  27. No, it's not directly. The AU is a certified statement with the so called quality of the a Urkunde. Sounds like the same but in a legal sense it's different.

  28. Eine Urkunde ist jede verkörperte Gedankenerklärung (Perpetuierungsfunktion), die zum Beweis im Rechtsverkehr geeignet und bestimmt ist (Beweisfunktion) und ihren Aussteller erkennen lässt (Garantiefunktion).

  29. I highly recommend Coldmirror. You might especially like her harry podcast, which comes with english subs (as do quite a few of her other videos)

  30. I scrolled down only to see if it was posted already. A classic!

  31. It had all the thought she needed, it had alliteration. That seemed to be her goal for most names of characters (Pansy Parkinson, both Patils, Luna, Minerva, Filius, Diggle, Dudley, Bill, and probably a few I’m forgetting)

  32. Snape, all the hogwarts founders, Quirrel, Bagshot, Grindelwald, Colin, goyle... quite a few yes.

  33. Belatrix Black, Florean Fortescue, and Ted Tonks as well. She really squeezed in a lot

  34. Boderick Bode, Poppy Pomfrey and...does Moaning Myrtle count? I'm running out of names.

  35. There are two possibilities:

  36. The man in the black suit is like "out of my way, I need to get off this bridge first." Meanwhile everybody else saved carried the woman away first. Poor man didn't make it out of the pile in time, lmao.

  37. Oh no :(. I usually put them out on the window sill (it is pretty big) thinking they'll probably make it down themselves. They are good climbers, aren't they?

  38. You go with a general Rape/Non-Con archive warning and then specify in additional tags. Additional tags I've seen were "Forced(or "Made) to Fuck" and "Fuck or Die" depending on what fits your situation. You could for example combine it with a Captivity, Blackmail or whatever.

  39. why that? its something that drives me quite insane in modern culture around. its like people are trained to walk past each other noones looking at anyone and noones talking to anyone... its cold and ugly. it wasnt like then back in the day either.

  40. Nobody says you can't talk to people on the street, in general. We're talking about picking up girls/dating not about talking to random people about random stuff.

  41. and flirting is allways a result of expanded normal talking.

  42. Lmao, you're just trying to misunderstand.

  43. Would co sign that. If you take a trip into the area and you have a few more days, like a whole weekend, there are some nice places along the Mosel in general. Like Cochem or Bernkastelkus.

  44. Talk to the Mieterbund. At the very least expect to pay the rent for September. You had an agreement with the landlord. I expect you also wouldn't ve happy if your new landlord now that you canceled with the other tells you that actually they found a differenr tenant 2 days before you planned to move in.

  45. I have and they tell you make an appointment through email or phone call.

  46. This all seems strange. As a lifeline, if you can really show that the German Embassy keeps apparently losing your mail all the time, you could try to seek help with any other EU embassy. They may tell you to go to the german embassy if there is one responsible for you, but technically if you can't get help from there they might be able to help instead.

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