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  1. I'm glad to hear from you. It's great encouragement knowing you've been through the same thing and made it out the other side.

  2. I went away for college, mostly to become independent and prove I could do life on my own. My parents always suggested churches in the city I was going to school, but I had to work to earn money and didn’t have time to go to church. Over time, through college experiences including classes, exposure to new people and lifestyles, I started to realize that the way that christians saw the world was from a place of fear and elitism. And the people that the church would have turned away and continue to prosecute were my friends now, and I felt love for them. That showed the hypocrisy of the modern church, and that they were not followers of Jesus, otherwise they would invite people who were gay, people addicted to substances, sex workers among others into church with open arms and speak of them warmly. That hasn’t been the case in any church I’ve experienced, and my parents were also bad examples of the love that Jesus had for everyone. The love I received growing up was based on performance, and was limited based on conditions. I tried to love everyone without condition as much as I could. I read the Bible again, and for the thousandth time reading the same passages, they hit me in a different way. I realized that the apostle Paul was a strict religious leader who simply exchanged one set of beliefs for another and began persecuting people in the name of Jesus. He wasn’t jailed for being a follower of Christ, he was probably jailed so many times for being a bad person. I was also into true crime, and cults at the time, and my research about the Mormons started to create a doubt about my own beliefs, although less extreme. Then I thought about and learned about the construction of the modern Bible in the form we read it today, and how it was created by tyrannical religious leaders who sculpted it to fit their need, which was to control the population from rebelling against them, among other reasons. Then I threw the Bible out. I literally threw my Bible given to me as a teen into the trash because how could a book so perverted still be regarded as so holy? It was all lies made to benefit the leaders who crafted it. Then I was angry. I was angry at the people who I trusted, who trusted the Bible and said that if something bad was going on in my life, it was because I either wasn’t studying or following the Bible’s teachings. Then I realized that all of these leaders of churches I had listened to were either 1) as misguided as I was, or 2) diabolically using the Bible and the church they led as a money making scheme to bring in more good tithe paying church goers to their personal cult. This is still an ongoing process for me as my anger, hatred, sadness, resentment is still all here with me, I’m trying to forgive and love them better than they loved me. And in the end, as an atheist, I’m doing a better job following Jesus than the Christians do, and that’s pretty satisfying revenge in itself.

  3. Wooooow, you've been on an epic journey. Thank you so much for sharing. I remember college was the first time I met atheists and I had no idea that they even existed. I feel the same way about the love I received from my parents. It's like they only wanted to love me as the perfect child image they had in their head and all my true desires and deepest feelings were obstacles in the way of them turning me into someone who they thought was lovable.

  4. Glad you got something out of my story. You’re not alone and you can always have a life that you want to have, not what you’re told to live.

  5. TIL there are people who have seen TROS and actually choose it.

  6. Don’t worry mama, you’ll be the one needing to nap when they want to play 24,000 times a day.

  7. It’s this way for the whole sf Bay Area unfortunately. Be vigilant with your vetting process.

  8. I have a simple rule in life, If it looks like jagermeister and it isn’t, don’t drink it.

  9. How do people stand not wiping fatter this?! And a toilet is probably 100 feet away. 😤

  10. I’d love to see a maze challenge.

  11. Jason Alexander vs. Wayne Knight is pretty classic.

  12. I loved the slow friend of the devil. Listening on you tube.

  13. Flipboard is one of the best alternatives.

  14. I’m more surprised they haven’t heard of an iPhone.

  15. Oh, I thought she was Flash Gordon.

  16. All the Gears of War games, The Yakuza Series, Halo Wars, all the Witcher games, Destiny 1 and 2.

  17. *. Describes the best story-based games. *.

  18. If you do most of the shopping, I would start buying all healthy items for both of you and if she wants other things, tell her to get it herself. This isn’t being mean, it’s just making choices that are good for you, and might benefit her as well.

  19. It definitely wouldn’t last any longer if they left it in.

  20. I am curious as to what your favorite is…

  21. That’s a good idea. I know zoom has been experimented with. The subject would have to be in focus much longer than out of focus to be able to tell what we’re looking at.

  22. Is this a new record for how quickly a parent will disown someone?

  23. Affinity Photo works (at least with my RAFs, I believe they are uncompressed). Costs a few buck one time, but totally worth it. Also they regularly have 50% off deals

  24. Lightroom on iPad works for me but only after uploading the images (I assume it converts them to a raw format it likes during the upload process). My current work around is either to upload all then cull or shoot jpeg and raw and then use the jpegs to cull the raws if I want to make any edits to that shot.

  25. Ok good to know, do you mean upload to Adobe Cloud? Is it the same as uploading to iCloud and then importing from there?

  26. Steve streams Elden Ring on the valley folk twitch pretty much every week if anyones curious. Trisha and Maude also have a good streams.

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