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  1. I would say Ashe - Jay3. My bf mains Ashe now and learned A LOT from watching Jay3.

  2. Didn't know he is an Ashe main. I just know his yt content

  3. He plays many different heroes but I would definitely say Ashe is his main and most played.

  4. $700k for a month is so low that I'm concerned. According to Glassdoor, the median developer pay in China is CN¥55,320, which is a LOT, just shy of $9,000USD. PER MONTH. So $700k wouldn't even cover 8 full time developers.

  5. I think you miscalculated. $9,000 a month times 8 developers is only $72,000 not $720,000. 700k definitely more than covers 8 devs at 9k per month.

  6. Perverse perfection. Or how? I don't know exactly what he saying, b-cos I'm Russian!

  7. Sunkeeper Tarim is my favorite. He was powerful but not broken. He was versatile and used in many different decks. Also love his art and his entrance music. Un’goro belongs to the Titans!

  8. I think mine would have to be Sunkeeper Tarim. He’s just this badass stone giant, his entrance music and voice line are awesome, and his effect is really unique and satisfying to use.

  9. My sole task at present: been harvesting dragon trees/glowing trees for the last 5 days, trying to get all the rare gem-breed nest vaults I still needed. Started with zero chests, got the top-level chests for pegasus, winter, wise, even tribal, and am now just two small egg chests away from getting the moon dragon vault. (At long last.)

  10. Not 100% sure if this is what you are referencing but they patched out the Beoferox infinite nest hack about a month ago. Just thought if that was what you were referencing you might want a heads up!

  11. Yeah unfortunately my family don’t understand and virtually refuse to try. I tell them other women stay in abusive relationships too but they won’t hear it. I just wish I could get more support from them to heal. It’s been 3 years and I’m still broken and feel an overwhelming pressure from them to “be normal”. Thank you for your support each and every comment here has truly meant so much!

  12. Your family is part of the problem. They are adding to the mental abuse by denying it and telling you it’s your fault. It’s difficult to heal without support. There are support groups and therapists for people recovering from abusive relationships. They can be very helpful in supporting you in your healing journey.

  13. I really am craving support so much. I wish I could get it from my mother but she is unfortunately too wrapped up in herself to give me the empathy I need which sucks. I’m very thankful for all the support I’ve gotten here. I’ve needed to hear these supportive comments for a long time.

  14. Hi I barely ever post on here but I’m a long time lurker and avid hearthstone player who would love to win this! Thank you for this generous giveaway!

  15. Thanks for this post I just checked mine after I saw this and mine unlocked too!

  16. Nice ! what was your winrate with embiggen druid?

  17. I only used a deck tracker starting at rank 1 but it was 54 percent on the deck tracker (probably would be higher if I used the deck tracker starting at season reset which was rank 7 for me this month). I basically was winning a lot and got to rank 1 and was like yeah okay I'm gonna go for this time to take it seriously.

  18. Wow thats high lmao , Can you send me your decklist ? would love to check it out so i can adjust mine for the better .

  19. If he used shadowflame on the buffed 9-attack sylvanas everything dies except the two reborn khartut defenders and he steals one of them with her deathrattle. (Actually I’m not sure if the reborn or deathrattle happens first. Think he’s still alive even if it doesn’t.)

  20. I have the same issue on iPhone 7. I tried reinstalling the app but it did not work. The game will briefly start up show Hearthstone in gold letters and then crash.

  21. It doesn't appear to be rounded up as my percentile is scored as 92.9%. Maybe you had to be within the top 10 percent not right on the border. So 90.1 or higher? Either way that is unfortunate and I'm sorry that happened to you.

  22. Same issue here. I was told by others to contact steam support and that they would fix the medal for me. But they basically told me they have no fix for me at this time. It honestly affects the quality of my ranked games as my badge shows lower than my mmr and people won’t allow me to play the roles I want to play due to the lower badge.

  23. How did you guys get support to fix your badges for you. So far I’ve written them two messages and they suggested I restart steam which obviously didn’t work otherwise they had no way to fix it. I asked if they could manually fix it for me as they’ve done for others but still waiting on a reply. How did you all have luck with them adjusting the badges for you?

  24. I had to contact them 2 time. First time they gave me a wrong star. I had to remind them again what my correct medal was.

  25. idk i went to sleep and it's fix when I waked up.

  26. Did you have to win a ranked game to get it or did it just automatically fix when you logged back in?

  27. When I was younger my older brother told me if I cried too much my tear ducts would dry out and I'd never be able to cry again. Thought it was true for years. He also told me about some poison that made you throw up your intestines that I thought was real for many years. Luckily I never got called out about these things and embarrassed I just sort of figured out they were lies when I was older.

  28. The Logical Journey of the Zoombinis. 6 year old me was all about that game! Whenever someone else remembers it they seem to be just as nostalgic about it as I am.

  29. Ha, holy shit! My brother and I were just talking about this.

  30. My sister and I both loved it too! We will still make references to it almost like an inside joke with each other like "Make me a pizza". What a game.

  31. I'm Crystal Maiden. I already sorta look like her so yeah, I'll take it.

  32. I have hatched two Larvitars and I am walking one of them. I have walked him 55 km so far. By my calculations if I walk 5km every day I will get my Tyranitar in May... May. Hopefully I can hatch another or find them in the wild because that seems like forever. I have yet to see one in the wild though.

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