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  • By - Bhevv

What should I respond with?

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My first tinder experience in a long time. I’m not the smallest weighing in at 120kgs and 6’4”. I don’t know how she couldn’t tell I’m the size I am considering I have my gut out on my tinder profile and my Insta isn’t making me skinny either (profile photos at the end)

I needed this today

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AITA for interrupting my exhusband's birthday and taking my daughter home because she was there without consent?

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  1. You look a bit like slender man in one of the pictures. And I can only give you advice (as a female who uses tinder) on what I do/don’t swipe on. Firstly don’t include random pictures of your truck please. Maybe remove the weird glow in the dark sciencey looking thing. I don’t know what it is and it doesn’t seem relevant. A smile will help, but maybe include some more pics of you out there doing things you like and with your mates. Key thing is to include relevant things to your life. I want to know that you actually have a life that I feel I could slot right into. I actually really like the picture of you in the ramen suit, it’s funny and shows you’re humorous and you actually look quite cute in it. But the rest of the profile kinda lets you down. The first pic is a good eye catcher but you gotta follow it up with something that makes me want to know more about you. Good luck! You look cute, remember the algorithm also is probably not playing in your favour. Maybe think of completely deleting your tinder account and restarting? You might be thrown back onto the top of the algorithm again.

  2. When mum would let you get the little kinder surprise eggs at the supermarket with the toy inside. Getting those was a rarity but a luxury when you did! She did a good job at not making me feel like we didn’t have much, although I just thought what we had was normal until I got a little older and could understand

  3. OK, I’m going to throw my hat in the ring of fire, because this is something I said.

  4. This was only a few weeks ago actually, and I can’t believe I had the balls to do it but I met a guy while out in town. He came back with me, we had sex and it was horrible. He had very bad whiskey dick and very cringe bed talk. I couldn’t stand it and had the immediate ick. Told him I had to go sleep because I had work the next day and turned around to sleep but he kept feeling me up. I was a little annoyed and told him no and he said “okay okay”. He proceeds to get comfy, and I think to myself I can make it till morning until I hear his breathing. The kind of loud deep breathing that you know will be the kind that will turn into a snore. I thought f*ck this and turned around and told him “not to be rude but can you please go home”. The poor guy was so embarrassed (I kinda feel bad), but the urge to have him out of my bed was very strong and couldn’t be ignored. I watched his Snapchat location slowly walking back at 4:30 in the morning to his flat before I snickered to myself and unadded him. I really should feel bad, but to be honest the whole thing is just kinda funny.

  5. I totally should have expected this. Half my family are aussies and I’m a kiwi so genuinely appreciate the humor anyway 😂 kinda amazed I even figured out what the thing actually was from this post!

  6. I can’t prioritise anybody with all of the things I want to do that I only see myself being single for. Also I am afraid to lose or isolate myself like I did in my last relationship which had lasting consequences. I am finally at a stage where I’m happy with my independence and the people I’m surrounded by and I don’t want anybody coming in and potentially spoiling that

  7. I quite like your blood vessels that transport blood around your body

  8. Why is tits in your username? Is it because you are a tit man? You think ogling tits is a "hot" stereotype? You think guys like soft, round, perky tits? Does it feel good to add to a stereotype that applies pressure to those who cant suffice it? I do NOT see how breast milk which is intended to keep babies alive is attractive. Is this some kind of sick joke? Not funny. You should take it down, it's discomforting. And weird. And disrespectful.

  9. This is seriously the best thread I’ve seen on reddit to date

  10. I was the dumper. My ex boyfriend told me he wasted 2.5 years on me coz he thought I was worth it. Feels pretty shit but at the end of the day, it would have been more cruel of me to stay with him. Try to understand your ex’s. They weren’t with you for so long because they didn’t love you. They let you go because they knew they couldn’t offer you what you deserved anymore. I know it hurts and is confusing, but you have not been tossed aside and I’m tired of hearing this misunderstanding of their ex’s reasoning from people.

  11. Not at all. I’m not looking, just healing and trying to understand myself better. We broke up as amicably as you can, not everything has to have ulterior motives

  12. Incredibly disgusting observation for this person to make. Good on Sarah for shutting this down. Seriously some people need to learn to be better and not assume. Sarah has never given off the vibe of being ashamed of her son and whatever his condition is. She doesn’t want him to be defined by it and I admire her for it. This really shows the toxicity of some people. It’s disgusting

  13. No. Sarah’s haters are ruining Beth’s birth announcement. Sure, Sarah shouldn’t have exposed Beth’s birth, but for god’s sake she isn’t telling people to go comment on Beth’s post the way they are. Take some responsibility.

  14. Wow wtf she is a massive bitch. I think you’re the one who dodged a cannon

  15. Lol yeah. You’re right, we don’t understand her. We don’t understand how anyone could be so ignorant and self absorbed to complain about something so trivial when there are literally women a stone’s throw away from her going into labor who have lost their homes. New mothers without clean water and formula. People have lost everything! And this immature girl is complaining about a few DMs she has to ignore.

  16. Lmao I don’t think u get the joke. Sarah insulted Sharon’s from Texas in this exact story they’re talking about

  17. NTA - She disrespected you and went against your boundaries. In no way should you respond to a name that isn’t yours. Sorry, but Megan put herself in the dog box, not you.

  18. When we broke up, he was emotional and angry but I felt very unemotional and very rational, and like I shut down any emotion I could possibly feel. Because of this, I don’t think he realises how much he actually meant to me and how much I really do love him. The pain just came on later for me

  19. This is interesting to me. I think my ex maybe went through the same experience of shutting down emotions. Her coldness was exacerbated because we were only texting. How much time before you went from emotionless to feeling it?

  20. We broke up the night before and the next day I felt terrible. The pain and the permanence hit me then and after that I was a mess of emotions

  21. I just stubbed my toe before reading this. I said nothing but silently questioned God what I had done recently to deserve this. A stubbed toe is a cruel, cruel punishment

  22. 11 - I was born on November 11th so I just have always liked it :) it just feels like a good number and is satisfying to look at

  23. Hello! I’m going to give you this piece of advice… you two are young and have your whole lives ahead of you, that being said, live them.

  24. Thank you for your advice. I respect him far too much to cheat on him. Your words are noted, I really appreciate it :)

  25. Anytime!! I’m not much older (25M), but have been through quite a bit. Communication is vital in any kind of relationship.

  26. He has definitely taught me so much. He’s been an amazing boyfriend. I just feel very different to how I felt a while back, maybe I’m just changing as a person as is he. Just part of growing up I guess. I wish you the best, thank you :)

  27. YTA - you really are quite conniving. It wouldn’t have hurt you to let her go to her fathers birthday party. If it were the other way around, how would you feel? Don’t be surprised if your daughter doesn’t want much to do with you in the future. You are depriving your daughter of precious memories with her father and actually affecting the ones she has of you.

  28. I don't know if I have the time though I'm going back to school in 4 days.

  29. You can complete the therapy during school in preparation for when you next come home! 😊

  30. This is sickening. She is abusive and you need to get out. I’m so sorry OP, this is so traumatising

  31. Caught her holding some other guys hand. I was crushed. I probably said something really immature and whiny. Cried like a baby.

  32. Why are you so scared? This isn’t that serious of a problem. Just say “I hurt myself the other day, I didn’t think it was that serious but now I’m worried that it could be more”. Stop overanalysing this kid.

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