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  1. Unfortunately my body can't get over the texture of olives.

  2. Randy Marsh from South Park, but I just realized as I'm typing this out I'm thinking the wrong singer, Brandy Marsh was not Adele. My bad.

  3. Thanks for this. I understand the ESH because I was admittedly not gracious on how I worded it to her. I just didn’t expect she’d hurt her sister’s feelings by ditching their birthdays over an argument with me. And I didn’t think she’d tell my girls about it, which I don’t think was appropriate.

  4. Having archaic beliefs about how this world works, or better yet how your crazy religion wants this world to work. It's not appropriate.

  5. My landlord built the home I live in, as well as many others. They also do volunteer work oversees.

  6. I have no problem with someone having more money than me, hell 99% of the world has more money than me. How do you think your landlord affords to "volunteer" overseas?

  7. My horizons are very broad thank you very much, been halfway around the world twice. You're incredibly naive if you think your landlord is "volunteering" overseas. They afford that trip, by sitting on their ass and collecting rent. There are more than enough opportunities to volunteer locally. Without having to travel abroad.

  8. The P3 Orion, it is referred to officially as the flight deck.

  9. I have yet to print a benchie either, I print Dino dicks. Lol

  10. Didn't they have a map that would show you your own location on it (in the movies at least)?

  11. Well sort of, I think what you're thinking of is the Marauders map, and that only showed Hogwarts. It was made by the original group of James Potter, Sirius Black, Remus Lupine and Peter Pettigrew. It was confiscated by Mr filch, before the group left Hogwarts. Years later it was stolen by the Weasley twins. Who then passed it on to Harry after they had basically memorized it. While I'm not entirely sure what happens to it after the books. I like to believe that either he passed it on to one of his kids or one of them stole it from him.

  12. No health care, crumbling infrastructure, dumbed down and Christianized public education.

  13. Devil's advocate here a man was arrested in England for calling but now King a wanker or something like that

  14. He offended public decency by shouting abuse at a funeral procession. There is a time and a place for protests. Freedom of speech is allowed but you it’s accept the consequences.

  15. If the consequences for an insult is arrest that is not freedom. Public shaming is an acceptable consequence of someone's speech, arrest is only acceptable if there is threats of violence.

  16. Sounds like a time for you to call CPS, also anytime you're in your bedroom be naked. That way he gets charged for creating child porn.

  17. That is false, do not need to maintain a secret security clearance to be in the military. Certain jobs and positions require it Yes but not the entirety of all military. There are numerous people in the military who are not able to get a security clearance of any type.

  18. There is an entire book written without the letter E and it's been translated to several different languages

  19. So you divorced his mother for telling him who his father was, and now you're shocked that he doesn't want to spend time with you? Sounds like there were two parties organized at the same time: one by the guy that had divorced his mom, and one by his mother and father. YTA, but it sounds like he'll be better off living with family.

  20. Wow you are so unbelievably wrong it's not even funny

  21. Don't feel too bad, I have every common and uncommon card maxed out before I got the shield card.

  22. Having someone repetitively lie to you and you constantly believe them.

  23. Razr phone, that takes me back. I grew up wanting one, but when my parents finally let me get a phone, they stopped making the razr.

  24. I got my first razor back in Fall of 2009 right after I got back from Iraq.

  25. It’s terrifying how many people in this thread have no issue at all with government-mandated breathalyzers and cameras pointed at the driver.

  26. All right what would be your solution to the drunk driving problem?

  27. I'm not a UK person I randomly came across this sub what the fuck is going on I am so confused?

  28. He is a good comedian, but a terrible politician.

  29. Why do you think he's a terrible politician, he has spent a number of years doing a politician's job because no politician wanted to do it.

  30. Remember when you couldn’t queue more than what a day or so at most?

  31. I'm an old enough bitter enough vet I remember in the prices were 350 mil for a month of Plex

  32. If you live in a legal state, chances are they won't give a rat's ass, hell if you're going from a legal state to a legal state they don't care if you bring it on the plane with you just don't smoke it on the plane. I've flown from Washington State to Massachusetts and back with pot.

  33. I thought grinding 3000 gems for the fifth lab was bad. Then I went to finish cards lol. Yeah, you get lil bonuses along the way but it is a long grind

  34. I'm almost there I have all my comments and uncommon maxed out

  35. you ,,believe" in religion or other stuff but not in science lmao

  36. Are you saying I believe in religion, I am as atheist as they come.

  37. Changing your mind when you're told to by an authority is different than looking at the evidence and coming to a different conclusion on your own.

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