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  1. No. We should not go to war. It will screw up all our lives.

  2. Please tell how unpopular post soviet president #14 was ousted by the might of the CIA and not his own people?

  3. You can always find thousands of people in any democratic country who are unhappy with their leaders. That's not the question. Millions in USA hated Trump when he was the president, and in the same way, millions of Americans hate Biden as of now. But no other country has the capability & influence like USA to fan a protest situation in another country into total revolution. USA controls the global media, internet, multimedia,etc., and employs every means when it wants a regime change in some other nation. Amplifying misinformation, or one-sided biased news is American forte.

  4. Most of the African people I know in America are doing quite well. Very nice people too.

  5. On God speaking as a Black man myself there's almost a kinda rivalry/hostility with American Blacks and Africans

  6. I can relate as a black myself but it's the other way around lol they'll say shit when the lights go out that where did I go

  7. Does Reed have any family to complain?

  8. Yeah I kind of imagine he would have been estranged from any relatives by that point.

  9. He would have to be considering the only reason he died was because Soviet Russia was sanctioned by the outside world

  10. You guys have so many amendments it’s hard to keep track of them all, I’ve no idea what the 19th one is

  11. Kid's got a point, but it's not a good one. There are much better ways to advocate for gun laws than to assure your Twitter followers that rights arent real and we made that shit up (RIP George Carlin)

  12. Deserter here. They obviously failed at this. Kazakh people are anything but pro-Kremlin. When my brother and I stopped by in Astana, we’ve been talking to waiters, service workers, and frankly any stranger who could help us with directions. The conversation would often lead to the whole mobilization thing. From what we found out, NO ONE in Kazakhstan fucks with Putin’s agenda. Ethnic Russians who have been born in Kazakhstan say that if Putin decides to “liberate” them, they will take arms alongside other Kazakhs and defend their country. That being said, people are mostly sympathetic to the deserters, although they are concerned with the Z-“patriots” flooding the gates

  13. I saw a video from 2 weeks back where a man drove his car into Kazakhstan with the Z symbol to flee Russia. The locals were pissed and one man said outright "today it's the Z on your car, tomorrow it will be a regiment"

  14. Im watching the video, this motherfucker is acting like Russia owns 100% of the worlds gas.

  15. Yea Jake Tran might be informed on some topics but IMO most of his takes are shit.

  16. He was way better a year ago when he stuck to economic and business stuff and did the vids himself.

  17. Both groups had the same treatment from the same group of people tho.

  18. This sub is dumb af lmao. 0 levels of self awareness.

  19. Homie outright said on his bio he's a commie and is subscribed to genZdong. Of course he'll be a Stalin apologist.

  20. Wait until our room temperature-IQ comrade learns that the underlying basis of the formation of the Soviet Union and satellite states boils down to post-revolution Russia colonizing its neighbors and extracting their resources while genociding their farmers through dekulakization and then trying to absolve themselves of the blame for the resulting famine.

  21. I use it to spell Nincompoop which is my favourite thing to call someone

  22. They hold 57/450 seats in the Duma. There are 8 parties currently represented in the Duma, 16 represented in regional parliaments, and 30 parties currently registered. But Americans want you to know how antidemocratic Russia is.

  23. not to mention, that large parts of the US were sympathetic to the Nazi Propaganda, just look at Japanese-American Internment camps, those don't get discussed like ever

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