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  1. I have one on my snap currently 👍 idc if he sees this. Don’t fuck with me. I can fuck harder.

  2. That is an EXCELLENT excellent book (and very easy read).

  3. Fantastic that I’ve found this……. I need to do some informational digging for a friend and I

  4. I love u sm for saying this, bc he always asks “why?” & I never know how to answer

  5. See I have only done RL sd/sb so this like over text stuff is new to me

  6. If you mean before an intimate date or M&G, No. For one, it sets the tone of the SR. Anyone who gets immediately sexual prior to a M&G is just skeevey. To me it shows a lack of decorum and respect, so I usually next POTs that do this.

  7. Good to know I should just next them has only happened on Reddit someone oinked at me 💀💀

  8. As soon as I saw they wanted money I said screw that what sellouts just for some verification that SHOULD just be there for safety— not to make them $$$!

  9. I like to just answer something along the lines of “omg yes pls I need help affording my heroin addiction” I like to fuck with scammers 😂

  10. They think their valuable mentorship can pay the bills and fund your savings account, obvs.

  11. Meditation, imagine a stream or river that will have leaves “thoughts” float by— recognize each thought passively, not reactively (this will take practice). Make sure to not dwell on each little aspect of your thoughts, no thoughts are good and no thoughts are bad— it is what you do, act, and react on that will ultimately decide the person you are and will be/become

  12. So sad! Boo-boo boohooo! Then keep your opinion to yourself it’s stated before doge is not an investment vehicle it is a community— get out of here with your FUD

  13. They’re going to breed anyway at least you’re giving them a loving home— oh boo to anyone else’s thoughts just love your pup!

  14. Don’t give a duck the number, just don’t like dealing with 0 because I do not feel like spending my time to get tossed about in a game of timewasting and then end up having to just block someone twice

  15. Already answered this question 🙋‍♀️ Likely a throwaway and already blocked person if it’s literally starting at 0 karma

  16. Извините, я слышал, что демогоргон 4 в маленьком городке, который на 100 % проголосовал за новую неонацистскую партию, признан мертвым — стоит ли мне перезвонить? сэр?

  17. 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍I can’t even this is just, truly, a work of absolute artistry!!!!!!

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