1. Ok Alaya, give me this for real and me, my whole familly and descendents will be yours to be counter guardians!

  2. as best as i could put it, the opposite of normal diarmuid? not chivalric at all.

  3. A B&W commission of Jing Ke made by

  4. Jing Ke art is always loved considering she's my first 3 star servant so I have a bias.

  5. Looks like this Holy Grail War just became a Round Table reunion party.

  6. He won three of them Thangs when I read those line

  7. suddenly Ritsuka hears someone whistling in the distance

  8. Eresh: i am horny. And i don't mean it metaphorically or rhetorically or poetically or theoretically or any other fancy.way. I'm horny straight up

  9. Do you think Emiya has a drivers license? Does Ritsuka has a drivers license? Do servants without Riding skill have to learn how to drive? So many questions from 1 sprite comic.

  10. I believe Tamamo no Mae, Nikitich, Atalanta and Lobo secretly uses Flea and tick shampoo.

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