1. I know we have quiet quitting, but what's it called when your boss just stops talking to you?

  2. Can't wait for Starmer to be PM and every question from the Tory Opposition at PMQs is "why did you support Corbyn in 2019?"

  3. I'm sure calling people vile is frowned upon if calling people a cretin is.

  4. So to be clear, in the previous post that was removed, if they said the persons view was cretinous instead of calling them a cretin it wouldn't have been removed?

  5. To be fair to the SNP, they do want and try to get themselves out of English politics.

  6. Indeed - and I am sure they are delighted with the recent series of events as a result.

  7. I have grown well and truly tired of all the drivel coming out of Scotland and Northern Ireland as of late. I want out of the Union.

  8. The bill would be life changing for trans people; it's everything to do with them

  9. My point is that Westminster's decision to pull the trigger on s35 has been taken because they want to shit on trans people - it has been taken to protect the integrity of UK-wide law.

  10. Have you read the issued Westminster reasoning behind issuing this section 35?

  11. Arguments that "GRCs affect equality legislation" are not sufficient on their own - they're not a Scottish creation, they're a UK creation now more than 20 years old. They and the impacts of getting one are not aberrations to the law - they are a significant part of British equality law. I'm not particularly convinced by the argument that the proposed Scottish GRC process is unprecedented either - the UK accepts equivalent documents from countries with fewer restrictions and oversight than Scotland has proposed (the new GRA is not some kind of overnight process - there are still meaningful restrictions). With both of these facts in mind I find it very difficult to take Policy Exchange's argument seriously - UK equalities law has accommodated exactly for the things Scotland is proposing for now I'm past situations - there's very little that's meaningfully new for UK law in their bill when you look at the wider situation as it stands.

  12. Blocked on the grounds of something they made up, disgusting, if you have to make something up to justify doing something then that something isn’t the problem, you are

  13. Where did I mention Scotland? I’m talking about Westminster

  14. Another month, another Bill where the government has been completely undermined by its backbenchers.

  15. Fascinating analysis. I encourage everyone to give this a read in order to better understand why Westminster has pulled the s35 trigger.

  16. Oof. Inevitable really - this'll cause huge disruption for parents who now need to take a day off work or organise childcare.

  17. Has it been long enough that we are able to have a sensible discussion regarding the veracity of covid masks without it being massively derailed by US politicisation of the topic?

  18. Seriously, what makes you think that discussing mask effectiveness is ever appropriate for a politics-based subreddit?

  19. Pretty much just made this so I can ask startupquestions about his steam deck and if he's played Valheim on it, but after posting I saw he deleted his bloody account...

  20. I've got a Deck - only use it when travelling, hardly ever use it in the house (because then I'd rather use my proper PC).

  21. Mainly the backlog of indie games I have. I looked at the Digital Foundry report into playing the latest games and it looks like it's going to hover around 30fps on medium settings, so I'll just use my PS5/XBX for those ones.

  22. How the flying fuck can Laura "totally not biased" Kuenssberg actually get away with publishing this sort of bollocks on the BBC and still try to maintain she has an ounce of impartiality...

  23. How's everyone's New Year's Resolutions going?

  24. Middle age starting after the average midpoint of one's life doesn't make sense and deep down you know it.

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