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  1. I actually liked season 12. Two or three episodes into season 13 is as far as I can force myself to rewatch, but I have seen it all. I haven't rewatched 15 yet, but it wasn't horrible. I have never seen 14.

  2. But the stabbing would have been part of the storyline. The fight would have turned into an assault charge.

  3. You’d be surprised how many anti-adoption advocates there are these days. I can’t converse with them.

  4. I'm a birth mother. I rarely talk about it because I've received some terrible comments over the years. I've been told I was horrible for giving away my baby, that I'm not a true woman, that I'm selfish and irresponsible and cold hearted.

  5. I was 22 when the show came out. This definitely was a thing. All of my guy friends wore relaxed fit pants and jeans. Most of them wore an unbuttoned, untucked shirt over a t-shirt and baggy pants.

  6. I fly often for work. DFW isn't bad, but the security line can take 30 minutes or so if you don't have TSA pre-check. Get there early.

  7. I always thought he was so cute but could never figure out the actor's name.

  8. He did try to order them. He was on the phone placing the order and Weaver hangs it up.

  9. Sometimes you can try for years and it just doesn't work. Some people just bring out the worst in each other and aren't right. If you can agree to split up and both partners are much happier, I don't understand why that's a bad thing.

  10. I like Lucas, but this by far his worst season and so many things he did annoyed me. Like proposing to Lindsey after cheating her is such a horrible thing to do. And it’s sad to see that he never actually confessed to cheating on her. Plus, I hated the whole Leyton kiss thing. They made that mistake in high school and saw how bad it screwed stuff up, and then FIVE YEARS LATER, they are doing the same thing again. It’s so frustrating to watch because they are adults who already went down this path, but didn’t learn.

  11. I wish Peyton would have been with someone and Lucas had to win her back instead of Peyton having to chase after him again.

  12. now to the boys. I think we all agree oth was actually about the women because they were miles better in the acting department but the boys are underrated imo.

  13. I completely agree about James. I never thought of him as a bad actor. His flatness was a character trait of Nathan's.

  14. Blue Lemoncello, Candy Apple Crisp, and Key Lime Pie.

  15. Completely agree. This is an episode where they need to go in depth on the content. I think a 2-parter would work well if they do get a guest, I'd like to hear Colin Fickes' perspective

  16. I would too, but only if they actually discuss his perspective on the episode and not spend 3/4 of the podcast talking about his acting resume and irrelevant things.

  17. Wasn't there something about its more expensive to buy a cheap shoes that you replace often than a well made shoes that you don't replace

  18. Yes, but that only works if you have the money to buy the expensive shoes in the first place.

  19. Between the lying to the prospective birth mother, the twins, the "two heartbeats, mine and the babies'?" comment, it sure feels like the writers recycled parts of the Monica/Chandler storyline from Friends.

  20. I didn't see this before, but I just made a post somewhat similar to this! I completely forgot about the lying to the birth mother part though.

  21. The storyline always seemed familiar, and your post helped me figure out why!

  22. We have no right to complain about this sort of thing in FW. Although housing costs have gone up recently, it is still affordable. Especially compared to major coastal cities like San Diego.

  23. I just looked on the website for these apartments. They are an Affordable Housing Community. This is not a typical rent price in this area.

  24. I know I'm in the minority, but I don't mind the 40s episode. It is cheesy, but I think it's fun. It's definitely not a favorite, but I'll watch it.

  25. I know I'm in the minority, but I don't mind the 40s episode. It is cheesy, but I think it's fun. It's definitely not a favorite, but I'll watch it.

  26. Keto (20 g of carbs a day) and intermittent fasting (eat 86hrs, fast 18 hrs). Drink lots of water.

  27. Unless you find a hookup, it ain't happening. Avg rent for a 1 bdrm is 12-1500 dollars. I would advise using It allows you to enter in the parameters you are looking for.

  28. They are a great way to find apartments in the location and with the amenities you want, but always check the apartment's direct website for pricing. is not super accurate. Apartment List updates prices daily.

  29. I see where you're coming from, but I disagree about Peyton easily letting the friendship go easily. In seasons 1 and 4, she fought hard to fix their friendship, but Brooke was ready to let it go. Multiple times in Season 4, she triesto make peace with Brooke and just signs away her rights to the artwork for Brooke's clothes.

  30. agreed! maybe because it was only a few episodes of her trying it seemed like she didn’t try for too long.

  31. That's true. It's hard to know how much time passes due to the messed up timeline!

  32. Usually the dominance issue can be resolved by giving them more space in their cage. For 3 pigs, you'll want at least a 2x5 cage.

  33. I really think it was only a comment referencing the Simple Life. Whitey made several comments like this, such as calling Haley Avril Lavigne.

  34. Every time you lose a sock in the dryer, it comes back as a Tupperware lid with no matching container.

  35. I honestly find Junk/Fergie to be the most wholesome friendship on the show. Two dudes who stay friends the entire show and never treat each other poorly.

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