1. Are all of you goofy-footed? Or did you flip some video for comparing? Because a whole crew of goofy-foots is... bizarre...

  2. I flipped the wave around and then rotated the video 180 degrees

  3. Siick. Next time, when you go to pop up, look to the left, bend the knees and hunch the back slightly, and lean on your frontside (left side) rail to try to turn into the wave. On this particular wave there's not really a face to turn into, but it's good practice learning bottom turns.

  4. Pay is contingent on fan base- they get paid some because there's some interest, but they don't get paid a lot because there's not a lot of interest. That's the simple calculus. Even in golf it's only the top 30-40 out of 7 BILLION people that are getting big checks. The rest of the group scratches out a living or nothing at all

  5. Right. My point was that, given these people (surfers, golfers, pro jai alai players) are as good at what they do as you and I are at what we do, all of us should do that thing in order to make our living. A surfer at the sponsor-able level shouldn't decide not to try making a living at surfing just because, as the OP of this thread said, he's "doing it for the money." Good vibes and soul surfing doesn't pay the bills. Now if there's no money to be made at all, then yeah I guess all those longboarders will need to get day jobs, cf. most olympians.

  6. Ohh gotcha--Totally agree. I thought you were suggesting they should make more than they do because they're the best at longboarding, but rereading now it make more sense

  7. I mean, if they could make more then that would be great, but whatcha gonna do...

  8. here is my rant, pro surfing does not need to exist. the way it is set up, is they are trying to create a marketable televised event. they are going after the main stream, while abandoning the "core" surfer. people who surf want to see people they can aspire to, and people with style. the pro tour on the women's side has had something like only 3 champions in the last 10 years, Riss, Steph and Tyler, on the Men's Side basically the same thing, the field is larger, but before every season barring injury john john, Gabe, Italo, Felipe are always in the mix and basically no one else is going to win it

  9. Jako is a Korean limestone neoprene manufacturer that got into the limestone neoprene game about 15 years after Yamo. Aside from both companies using limestone as a base, their specific foams all vary. I believe, like Yamo, Jako uses nitrogen in its foam, but i could be wrong. I havent seen a spec sheet of their foam offerings, so i cannot fully speak to differences.

  10. If I'm looking at a wetsuit that says limestone or "japanese" neoprene but it doesn't say Yamamoto, do you know what it might be? Any comments about relative quality?

  11. Could be a variety of manufacturers. NJN, Daiwabo, and Heiwa all make water sport neoprene in Japan (but I dont believe any foams have been made for the surf realm). There are also tons of other smaller Japanese manufacturers that make, or recently have started to make, limestone foam for surf - as well as other southeast Asian countries (Korea, China, Taiwan, Vietnam). So if it just says "Japanese" it could be a limestone-based, or it could be a polychloroprene (oil-based) foam. If i just says "limestone neoprene," then it could be one of many manufacturers from many countries in Asia. If it says "japanese limestone", well then youve narrowed it down a bit.

  12. Thanks, great info! Actually I got it wrong, this is the suit I'm looking at and it says "limestone" but not "japanese":

  13. This repair looks like the clicker zombie in The Last of Us.

  14. There’s a lot of ego among surfers talking on the internet.

  15. The thought of all the expanded food options from the takeover makes me very happy. Not familiar with Haiti cuisine though.

  16. Dude you shred! Skip a 30L board unless it comes with a paddle, that's a boat for you. If you're doing the stuff in the video on your 5'9 Fever in those punchier waves, then for smaller/weaker waves you should (imo) look for something close to the same volume, maybe a tiny bit more, but much wider (like 0.5" to 1" wider) and shorter with less rocker. Rocket Wide would be good if it were closer to your dims/volume. You could make that SD work but it might start to feel a bit boaty as well. You could also consider something a bit sideways like a fish or a twin fin shortboard, they're all the rage right now.

  17. Thx dude! Yea 5L is a big difference indeed. I actually have a 5'5

  18. No worries. I've actually never ridden a true fish... For a twin I have a Flat Earth which is basically a hp shortboard but with the fin boxes set back a bit. Also the rails are super pinched so you can ride it with a bit more volume and it's still super flicky, not really like a thruster but you don't cruise on it either. I can't really say it's a greeeat choice if the waves are really small, though. Dunno if you've tried boards that look like, say, the Pyzel Gremlin, but those things can be very hp too. Even the Average Joe, you can whack that thing of the top pretty good due to its tail design.

  19. Nah, that board is PU and this lady only does epoxy :D

  20. I call them out on it. Usually get a similar response. It sucks.

  21. (1) It happens to everyone, regardless of gender. Some people are dicks.

  22. I've only been surfing for four months so maybe I shouldn't be critiquing, but it looks like you're grabbing the rails when you popup versus pushing flat off the board. Thought maybe it's due to riding a narrow shortboard with less space to push off from but seemed like most of the comments I saw elsewhere when I searched still advised against it.

  23. You are correct, OP shouldn't be wrapping his hands on the rails like that, on any kind of board. He also should be engaging his entire lower body when trying to pump. Pretty good progress for 3 years though.

  24. I don't know why you are. They are good questions and I would benefit from the answers. And other people when they search similar questions would. This sub is pretty much a shit posting and trolling.

  25. He's getting downvoted probably by the "hurr durrr DAE local shaper???" crowd, many of whom probably started surfing in the past 2 years and just repeat what someone else who may or may not be more experienced has said.

  26. I have a Carver (cx trucks, they are very shortboard-like in feel) and kinda don't love the deck I initially picked, so I was shopping around for decks. Carver wants a bunch of $$$ for their decks so I went looking at less pricey alternatives, and what I found are that Carver (and presumably other surfskate brand) decks have a few specs that don't match with many other types of skateboards:

  27. Hit right on the head. Be the nail. Take that pounding.

  28. Ugh, I spent a year going to a climbing gym everyday for injury rehab and any weekend or after work time was NUTS with these people. It was also just a pick up spot for granola types. The place was also pretty unique in that the walls were around 8m high, no ropes but a super squishy padded floor, So I guess kind of a "high ball" thing instead of top rope or real bouldering. I actually fell from a few cruxs and splattered myself into the middle of some flirty people who decided to sit UNDER me and get to know each other, on several occasions in fact. There were even big signs like "LOOK UP!" and "No socializing on mats"

  29. Oh man. Yeah especially over the past 3-4 years the local bouldering gyms have exploded in popularity and now you have TONS of the climbing equivalent of kooks sitting under problems, chatting, constantly hogging problems among their group and not letting others in. Absolutely terrible!

  30. I'm 6'3 197 and have a 6'4 phantom I use in chest high/overhead, average waves. I thought the XL was so you can fit the board on smaller waves

  31. I think XL is a way for Pyzel to make off-the-rack boards for people of -- how can I put this delicately -- fatter stature. If you go on the site and size a regular Phantom to the same dims as an XL of the same length, it comes out almost exactly the same. Maybe there'd be a slight adjustment of rail foil but I'd guess it's close to insignificant. The Phantom is super thinly foiled, there's no way you'd try to size it for anything but decent+ waves.

  32. Hmmm, tough one. On the one hand, you could ask Pyzel. On the other hand, you could ask a bunch of beginnermediates on the internet. Hrmmm… 🧐

  33. Excuse me, my level is specifically ExtraMedium.

  34. If you don't by default think the Olympics is lame as F (which I do), then it totally makes sense that many people will join the competition who will not be able to hang, and like others here say, that's kinda okay... in the general Olympics inclusivity sense. HOWEVER, if it's pumping chopes, the ones who can't hang literally could die if they decide to do anything other than sit in the line-up sucking their thumbs and looking sheepish. "I'm just glad to have been able to be an Olympian" hahahahaha, wear that tattoo with pride.

  35. Maybe not Pyzel and Byrne shortboard style vids but there's some great ones of boards like Siren and Salt Gypsy! I know that they're female based surfboard brands but I ride mostly longboards and fun boards so I love these reviews. The salt gypsy boards look ripper

  36. Really? Got some links? It's not my style but I'll support them with some upthumbs!

  37. Wtf that’s an expensive piece of equipment to give away to a random beach passerby lol. I think the drone could work tho. Thanks for the inspiration, I’m cooking up some ideas now!

  38. I don't get why people measure how long a suit lasts in terms of time. If you don't ever wear it, it'll last 20 years. More useful is how many sessions you get out of it. If I get 100 sessions out of a suit before it's hopeless then I'm pretty happy, but the last few years I've gotten maybe 50-60 or so before there's a significant leak. Wetsuit neoprene is definitely getting less durable the flexier it gets.

  39. Do all those big fat azzzzes in tiny thongs look like a hoax to you???

  40. That’s because the chicks usually get their socials plugged haha Edit: Downvote all you want but its more often the case. See4yoself

  41. Nah he'll @ someone if she's known in which case she'll usually know he's there, but most of the azzzzzzzzzzes he sneaks a peek at are strictly from behind, like 90%. (No downvote from me tho.)

  42. Let's flip it around: What kinds of freak accidents were you imagining that made you decide against paddling out?

  43. Just keep a diary. Each time you go out, write down what the conditions were (buoy readings and observations) at what spot, and write some notes about how things went. Over time you figure out what conditions make what spots do what things.

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