1. I’ve been on a routes where would have 10 bulk stops and each stop can have anywhere between 25-65 packages.

  2. Our station has a lot of drivers but we really only have anywhere from 5K to 8K package count through nearly 40 routes. It's rare to see it here but the longest time for the routes here depend on where you are. Downtown people have had it where they had to dump off 30 plus at a highrise apartment and there's ONLY one highrise where it's at lol. I feel bad for them because they come back after nearly 12 hours on the job and they get yelled at if they try to find a work around. But as far as my route, my daily consists of like an outer-town area but near a college, and some rural down south of the normal. Usually 150+ but today was around 120.

  3. For me I would get any where between 50-75 stops with sometimes nearly 400 packages. I’m surprised how I even got through sometimes.

  4. This was before 2010- before ring cameras were a common appliance.

  5. What did he steal that was worth 5 years?

  6. As in what did he steal that would make him go to jail for his friend to get away

  7. That's strange because I definitely heard some sound effect gunshots before the cops started shooting.

  8. Wait, what was the name of this show/series? It's going to annoy me now as I know it but can't remember!

  9. It’s called most shocking. This specific episode is high speed chases 2.

  10. Who is that random fat ass at the end? Just some civilian? Like, lets get em boys?

  11. Going thru a rewatch of the TV show ER. This clip is used in season 10 episode 6, so it’s older than November 2003.

  12. Apparently, for a while, it was available on the CONUS stock footage site, you can find a lot of raw police footage that at some point had been featured on shows like "World's Wildest Police Videos" and "Most Shocking". Unfortunately, I have never seen any mirrored copies of raw footage from this chase.

  13. I know about conus archive. That’s where I first started searching but sadly nothing is there. I was hoping that someone on Reddit might have the raw footage. Unfortunately, I haven’t found that person yet.

  14. You sure? The pictures of the Dodge/Plymouth neon hold a closer resemblance to the vehicle in the vid than a Pontiac g6

  15. Yea would like to know what happend to her and her kid

  16. Not me, trying to figure out which station in MD that was.

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