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  1. What the fuck is actually happening? Who in their right mind would put a mic in front of Bernie anyways?

  2. Someone who knows rage clicks earn just as much ad revenue as other clicks

  3. Sad that Hawksworth isn't up to racing yet, he's my favourite GT driver. Hope he's back soon. That said, I'm also excited to see what Kobayashi can do in the RCF. I don't recall ever seeing him racing outside of prototypes and F1.

  4. He did GTE with AF Corse for a couple of years and also has done the Spa 24 hours in the past.

  5. TIL, thanks. Looks like he was with AF Corse in 2013, and I started watching in 2014, so that all makes sense

  6. That probably hurt a lot. The dropped BMW? The crashed Lamborghini? Yes.

  7. Oh hey, a Montoya driving dangerously with a competitor. Been a long time since we've seen that, lol

  8. Early pit to try and sequence the Michelin Endurance points at the 3h mark

  9. Dude the 963 just dominates everything else in looks imo, if I could buy 1 car from the field just based on looks, that. I don't care if it loses every race

  10. Yeah, when it was in camo I wasn't a fan, but in this group-c-esque livery, it's my favourite thing I've seen in a long time, and I keep accidentally yelling while describing how excited I am to see it race.

  11. I think it's more polite if we ask for the Cup rather than demanding it.

  12. Oh, the last goal, that poor goalie got fed a plate full of lies. Ruthless.

  13. Tampa: Since we can't beat them, let's at least beat them. 🤡

  14. Wholesome note: my sister was a sysadmin at a highschool for many years. The school issued each student with a laptop and they'd be sent to her for fixing if anything went wrong.

  15. This was an unexpected place to find a wholesome story. You're doing good work, lawnmowersarealive.

  16. noobish question. Is redout 2 available on switch eshop? I don't see it anywhere.

  17. Curator at the Air Museum in Hamilton ON says they give rides in their Catalina.

  18. Happy to see the flagman safe. End of an era but it was coming anyway, and better this way.

  19. Jarvis too it seemed, lol.

  20. How’s that working out for them?

  21. Maybe it's just too fresh, but the scoreboard says a Maroon tip-in with no assist, and that broke my brain a little

  22. Did you comment on your own comment in agreement?

  23. He's actually two (very supportive) dwarves in a trench coat. Fooled me too.

  24. If there's one thing that gets me revved up, it's BizNasty (I feel dumber typing that) chugging a red bull and telling guys to wake up in an impressively uninterested monotone.

  25. How big a bet did Florida place against itself? It’s like they’re deliberately shooting themselves in the foot.

  26. From my vast experience of 8 games including this one, a Panthers game will only ever end the opposite way from how it starts.

  27. Hockey's been pretty alright the last day or so. Brad Marchand won't get a cup, Tom Wilson won't get a cup, and the Leafs get eaten in round 1 again. I'm a bit worried about Leafs fans' sodium levels, especially with that called back goal, but really that's between them and their doctors.

  28. Corey Perry went onto round two though which sucks.

  29. Along with Eric Cernak, but here's to hoping the Panthers are warmed up now

  30. So many interferences as bad as Holl’s but no calls

  31. My favourite was the leaf who checked the bolt late and then the bolt held his stick so long they collected and dragged a ref between them but nothing was called.

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