Reva was a great character. We see her impetuous and angry as a child, because she was, in essence, a child. She was torn from the only life she knew and never had positive influences to help her grow. We dislike her character because the actress did her job and did it well. Reva was well done.

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  1. Yeah, Assaultstars can be super hard to overcome even with a decent team comp

  2. So does this mean I can finally go DPS as disc priest and not be auto-rolled to healer?

  3. No, get back to the healy feely spells ya clothie!

  4. You automatically get skills when leveling up now. No need to ever visit a class trainer again.

  5. Game is hard so I cheat to make it easier then complain it's hard

  6. Surprisingly yes, my mother has expressed dislike for the name Bishop, so she is calling him Bish.

  7. So I never thought I would be in this situation. All my life I have loved big dogs. My fiance too loves big dogs, and my son has spent his first 2 years surrounded by my in-laws big dogs.

  8. Morbed Malzeno, he succumbed to the qurio and now morbs all over the place

  9. "I once saw him KO 3 trainers in a gym..."

  10. The first trilogy will and has gone down in history as some of the best films of all time. Whether you enjoy them or not is subjective, out opinions shouldn't change this for you. Go into it thinking what you want to think and then form your own opinions. That is the magic of Tolkien's work, everyone looks at his works in different ways.

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