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  1. Your grandfather captured all of Africa? jk, that's really cool :p

  2. I just watched It's a Wonderful Life for the first time two years ago. It gives me goosebumps. I'll watch it every Christmas for the rest of my life because it's such a heartwarming message.

  3. 45 years ago, a friend of my brother handed me, I think, that rifle, minus the bolt, to sell for him.

  4. Just the typical 98k bayonet. It does have wooden handle inserts as opposed to the Bakelite version. It’s difficult to tell from the photograph and because the exterior of the bayonets scabbard is in such poor condition, but it looks like it may have been painted rather than blued as the vast majority of bayonet scabbards were. Having the scabbard painted is usually an indication of tropical issue.

  5. Looks like I'm a little late here but "there is not a moment to lose" always pops into my head when I need a little motivation.

  6. Isn't there some kind of maker's mark on the tang if you remove the handle? I don't know much about this sort of thing but I remember hearing that somewhere. As far as I know the handle should be removeable if you take those pins out.

  7. Lol I love that they put a paintball gun on the gun rack. And it still has a CO2 tank attached?

  8. We were talking about Band of Brothers, not Saving Private Ryan. That French soldier in the scene you just linked is a dead ringer for Tom Hanks, who was a producer on the show. Do you know who played that role if it wasn't Hanks?

  9. The one where tom hanks executes the 3 german guys?

  10. That's cool, what's the story behind it? Judging by the power outlets I think you're in the UK?

  11. Yeah I am in the UK. The story behind the stg or the bren

  12. Both of course. Show and tell! How did you get them? Where did they come from? Do you know if they were ever used during the war?

  13. Additional information courtesy of

  14. When they say grease gun, does that mean the tool they use to freeze the vehicles, or restock on M3 Grease Gun ammo?

  15. Pretty sure they mean actual grease guns, since the sign is talking about greasing vehicles. Not the M3 submachine gun.

  16. Your grandfather was quite a writer, and quite a pilot. Thank you so much for sharing this, it made my day.

  17. Dont war pigs sit in offices and look at maps and such?

  18. Still, I believe only the staunchest nazi ideology supporters wouldn't suffer from PTSD after that kind of crimes of humanity. Serves them well.

  19. The Einsatzgruppen documentary on Netlfix (really good, check it out) said that drug abuse, specifically alcoholism, was rampant in the groups that carried out these attrocities. It's one of the reasons there was a push towards killing with gas instead of bullets, it was easier on the perpetrators who would become completely burned out as human beings from doing this. It definitely took a toll on the killers and they definitely dealt with PTSD. That didn't stop the murder from happening though.

  20. What are you looking for? Like who the artist or publisher is or just the meaning and context?

  21. I'm assuming the poster is American but it could be Canadian or British. During this time there was a colossal amount of shipping going back and forth accross the Atlantic between the US, Canada, the UK, and the USSR. Mostly with the US and Canada sending war equipment and personnel to the UK and USSR, though the UK also shipped to the USSR.

  22. Looks like the end is just burnt. Probably from firing when snow is on the end, but I’m not an expert in tanks either so I don’t know. That’s just my guess.

  23. Yeah it looks like the barrel is wrapped in some kind of fabric, you can see it hanging lower near the mantlet. The end probably got burned by firing the gun.

  24. They seemed remarkably calm and almost detached as they describe the events going on.

  25. These are the arabic numbers "132". Was your rifle ever in service in the middle east or maybe Turkey?

  26. Definitely, I had to turn my headphones way up but if you hold your breath you can hear faint booming sounds at the times listed by the OP.

  27. Do people think that doctors bill patients? They do the doctoring, wash their hands, get out the calculator and then just get that bill written up?

  28. Who should the skeletons be? Hospital billing departments? Private practice business managers?

  29. Hospital billing departments. The coders/billing specialist have to code everything regardless. It will get sent to insurance. Insurance will negotiate and pay something then the rest is sent to the guarantor of the hospital account (aka whoever is responsible for payment like the parents in this situation.) There is a pretty good explanation of inflated costs on Adam Ruins Everything. We have a very expensive middleman in this country when it comes to Healthcare. It's idiotic.

  30. I remember seeing that episode years ago. I think the gist was that since insurance companies negotiate the prices down the medical providers jack their prices up to compensate?

  31. Is this confirmed to have happened? I mean it is 1940's Italy, this has the production value of a propaganda film. What are the odds they get these angles during actual combat?

  32. This is absolutely a propaganda film. Likely the only real thing is the footage of the plane crashing. Everything else is staged.

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