Chapter 167 [English]

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  1. What are your thoughts on Saitama being so OP that he can achieve feats that aren't even physical/strength-related?

  2. I mean, at least in Logan’s case, Laura is literally his daughter, so it’s really more of a “daddy by surprise” story (idk if there’s an actual name for that archetype).

  3. I mean, getting artificially cloned doesn't hit the same as being birthed by a woman

  4. I'm pretty sure that's what everyone'll say if you say you haven't watched Top Gear lol

  5. Arnie didn't see John as a son figure though. He kinda just learned to become human because of John

  6. But that sons/daughters in that trope are biological to the dad, I'm referring to non-biological relations

  7. I mean, another reason the movie was and looks low-budget is that the crew DID have a low budget

  8. The cameras were chosen because of their low quality, not because the director couldn't afford one

  9. No, the symbiote just needs to look different or more faithful to the comics version when Peter wears it

  10. Skyrim is more played than FO4 and also have a much larger modding community which is mainly what keeps the game "alive".

  11. That's kinda not fair though since Skyrim's lifespan is longer than Fallout 4's since Skyrim was released 4 years before Fo4

  12. Other than he only showed his face to a droid that he hated and then to a little alien that he maybe considered a son? Not much.

  13. Hi, OP! Would you mind sending me a full-body picture of the Advanced Suit, but without the white parts? I can already see it in the 2nd and 3rd picture

  14. The EarthCent Ambassador series, and spin offs, by E. M. Foner. They're fun, they're addictive, and there is no violence either. The series take place on a giant space station with many different alien groups living there, but everything is controlled (in a nice way) by AI. They've been described as ambassadorial procedurals (sorta like polic procedural stories). Don't be put off by the title of the first novel, even the author admits that was a mistake.

  15. I don't wanna stereotype anime/manga by assuming that all live-action movies with big swords are inspired by/adapted from anime/manga

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