1. Helheim is often described as being in the north, so I suppose that would be Lapland.

  2. Was there an Old English suffix meaning 'daughter of'? As far as I know, the suffix -ing was used only for 'son of', as in Gesecg Seaxneting.

  3. the -ingas suffix technically means 'people of' or 'followers of'

  4. Thanks. I thought it was also generally used as 'son of,' but I guess the one derives from the other

  5. I was going to respond with a sarcastic comment, but I'll just give my thoughts on this instead.

  6. Thanks for all these Arthurian recommendations! How very useful of you to put them all together!

  7. Afaik Wodan and Odin were historically seen as the same guy. Hence Adam of Bremen (a German) using the name Wodan when describing a temple in Sweden. But there may have been differences in how he was worshipped or viewed in different regions - hard to say, we really don't know too much about Germanic religion outside of Scandinavia

  8. Emperor/Empress: Odin/Frigg. (I get why Odin is the Hanged Man, but Odin and Frigg are such a power couple that I have to say Emperor/Empress.)

  9. Hello, by your description I was able to find something that might help you. It's part of the Hrólfs Saga Gautreksonnar. Here the link below to the Wikipedia entry.

  10. I think your best option would be Ticketswap. You'll have to be quick when a ticket becomes available, but it's worked for me in the past

  11. I don't think it can be. In WMF (pg 845) Bast freaks out after Kvothe has recited the Adem verse with the true names of the Chandrian. Kvothe reassures him by saying they won't find him when he uses the names only once. Given how thick the foreshadowing is in these books, I'd think there would be at least a hint that there would be one name he could mention indefinitely because that Chandrian was dead.

  12. I'm really late here, but have you considered giving it to betas? Maybe give them three scenes and see what feedback they give?

  13. That's what I ended up doing. I sort of have something now lol

  14. That's a good idea. I talked with my dad about it and that's basically what the conclusion was. Thank you!

  15. I would prefer reading #1. If the foreshadowing and opened storylines are important, people are going to expect things from it. Nothing so disappointing as a rushed wrap-up.

  16. For me there are two types of "lying in bed and not sleeping":

  17. These are my notes from when I was reading Bernard Cornwell's The Last Kingdom. This is not acute fear with adrenaline and panic, but rather the fear of anticipation. The main character is waiting for a battle which will take place the next day.

  18. Often, characters express fear by not expressing it. They'll talk about anything else. But the manner of delivery and how everyone reacts will make it plain that there is a high level of fear.

  19. Absolutely. These are just my notes that I took when reading one particular scene by one author. It works well in this context, but not always.

  20. Perhaps she can have unguarded moments where she just watches him and smiles and thinks something loving? She doesn't have to realise that it's love; it can just be her noting the way he stands or sleeps or smiles. Little bursts of happiness that she doesn't recognise as love but the reader will.

  21. There is a lot of historical and archeological proof that the gods like Odin were around before the "viking age" of 800 AD.

  22. *Þurisaz is not the PGmc precursor to Thor, that's *Þunraz. *Þurisaz became ON þurs, 'giant.'

  23. The name "Yngvi-Freyr" is attested outside of Ynglingasaga and Snorri quotes the works he found it in. It's attested in the Prose Edda when Snorri quotes Haustlöng, written by Þjóðólfr of Hvinir in the early 900s. It's again attested in Óláfs saga Tryggvasonar when Snorri quotes Háleygjatal, written by Eyvindr the Plagiarist around the end of the 900s.

  24. Ah, missed those. That makes it more interesting. Thank you!

  25. Ask for a referral to a sleep doctor. Also ask for a referral to a sleep lab for a sleep study.

  26. Sounds like anxiety if your mind won’t calm down. I would look for a therapist. Once you tackle the anxiety your sleep may improve.

  27. I don't think it's anxiety so much, it's more like a CD that's stuck. But thank you, I will look into it

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