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  1. Sesshoumaru samaaaaaaaa (from inuyasha)

  2. "I'm not a lesbian, this just won't work"

  3. Btw Danball Senki is great, we could have had something better than that for a crossover

  4. A pseudo zombie apocalypse where Zagato comes back so there are interesting things to say about Alcyone and Lantis. The girls should find the origin of all this and it's actully the word itself that is sad causing the problem

  5. I'm here because of him, I'm not even a furry lol

  6. Cloud cause I'm broke and didn't buy the dlcs

  7. Have you played fire emblem ? They have plenty of those

  8. She ?! I always thought Grell was a man !

  9. I thInK youRE FavoRitE CharacTER is MirOKu

  10. I hate how Hyoga always speaks about his mom in the beginning of the story

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