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Android fans, what are the primary reasons why you will never ever switch to an Iphone?

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  1. Well, according to my beautiful wife who happens to be a banker at a local bank, opinions are only worthy if its from a significant source, therefore it has to be from the significant other and not from the insignificant loser.

  2. I am a nonbeliever, and i agree that everyone must learn together in single stream school so all kids of all races have opportunity to mingle and appreciate each other. However, this has to be done only after the majority have improved the education system, introduced equal education opportunity at all levels, recruit teachers and administrative staff in schools and education offices based on meritocracy, design school curriculum based on modern and practical needs instead of emotional sentiments and finally stop accommodating and promoting religion in schools.

  3. once at a dark outdoor shopping mall ex phoneix plaza carpark, police came knock my car door and threatened to tell her parents or macamana sekarang?

  4. Feeding and domesticating animals especially the carnivores , now the dogs and cats lost their natural instincts to hunt and survive on their own. They have become street beggars, unlike the brethren in the jungle still able to raise and feed their family. If human wanted to adopt and care for the animals, human should ensure not to disrupt the natural order. Unfortunately, harm has been done for centuries all around the world. The right thing to do now is, to get them away from the streets and rehabilitate them. But that will be too hard to do. Do you actually believe that god (or the collective consciousness governing evolution) really appreciates and offers you karmic points for weakening his creations against the order of nature?

  5. Imagine if an Indian did something like that to Hari Raya deco 🙃 It will be everywhere

  6. Since which century when Tamils were referred to as Hindu ? Is it after muslim invasion or british colonization or even before that? Anyway, the Tamils were never Hindu beyond a point in the past and that is what the protestors are trying to say.

  7. doggy just selects the nearest tile, trainer only have to ensure the next tile to be chosen is placed closest to doggies paws. there are probably marks at the back of tiles so that trainer can choose to place in the middle/.


  9. Bolot karma bos. Ko tengok posts dia pon boleh agak dah.

  10. Yeah but the framing of the question is super weird, I'm surprised it got so many votes when it seems kinda inflammatory and assumptory. "What phone os is better and why" would make a lot more sense to me as a question

  11. wanted to know if anyone else felt the same was i did or if anyone can prove me otherwise... the question is never meant to be weird or rhetoric, its just what i felt.

  12. 40,000 upvotes, 26,000 comments, and a pile of awards that cost real money.. For a circlejerk over brand A vs brand B.

  13. i was just expecting about 10 responses, which can sway my impression of an iphone. and to prevent a typical debate between camps, i targeted the question to android fans only..,,

  14. I know the last bottom one is real. but in a hurry as usual , i just clicked the higher AD links and then even when i check, double check and enter password it will not let me in. i was confused for long time. Then i opened a saved bookmark to try again, the same password worked immediately..... now i have to change all my passwords.... sigh.

  15. if you crop lim until his chest of even his neck , it will be better

  16. This is not accurate, typical indian urinals mostly bushy ground and if available, on any wall ..and owners attached god images to prevent it.

  17. Cina tak pakai cheongsam, dorang pakai shorts terpendek Dalam pasaran

  18. I guess nobody will advise to lodge a police report, thats how it is in Malaysia.

  19. Ke keeps hearing the voice of Zahid asking him to bubar parlimen before Deepavali or else...

  20. the waving unker loss the innocence, he knows kids will soon have to wake up to the stark reality which is Malaysia, a blessed country with inherently kind people, albeit with some flaws, but exactly the flaws which is magnified, nurtured and exploited by the few greedy and politicians, leaving the remaining good souls in despair.

  21. is it true Madras means Mad Rascals as whites used to call TN natives?

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