1. A notch with Dynamic Island functionality would have been great. I'm a bit annoyed that they went with a pill, especially considering it serves no purpose other than to look different.

  2. and how on earth would you propose a dynamic island would work on a notch, without it looking incredibly stupid?

  3. Pill is just the notch pulled down from the bezel, but it at least looks better when paired with dynamic island functionality.

  4. This makes me want to throw my leather case out. That looks revolting.

  5. Submissions related to the buying or selling of iPhones are not allowed, with the exception of inside the

  6. Mega thread please. Why force everyone to look at random photos when they don’t want to?

  7. I mean, to play devils advocate here, the subreddit is called ‘iPhone’.

  8. Can't we make a petition of some sort? or fundraising

  9. Fundraising for a development company that made $2.24 billion in profits in 2021? Are you actually this insane that you don’t realise the stupidity of such a suggestion? Are you listening to yourself?

  10. I’d be really interested in something like a series being made out of this. I enjoyed the Dahmer episodes.

  11. Good advice on 2FA. But the larger question is who even latches on to the account of someone deceased. Like if my relatives saw I had a reddit account why would they even care and especially enough to wreck what I had done.

  12. If you spend 4 hours moderating on Reddit per day you need some serious intervention.

  13. There needs to be a way to filter these posts out. For example the DeadbyDaylight thread has a panel on the side where you can select things to filter out like Memes for example. If not I may have to leave this sub too as somebody else suggested as that was quite annoying to have my feed filled up by tons of these posts yesterday.

  14. Why is one ‘mega thread’ a no win situation? I go to a lot of subreddits where they’ll have a weekly one that’s pinned to the top.

  15. It’s a no win because people will still complain if it’s in a megathread and not allowed to be self posted. People complained about the same thing re; tech support self posts back in the day.

  16. Rule #2 - Support posts are not allowed in this community. This includes all tech, compatibility, setup, and similar topics. Please consider the official xbox support page or

  17. Rule #2 - Support posts are not allowed in this community. This includes all tech, compatibility, setup, and similar topics. Please consider the official xbox support page or

  18. Wow, I just tried a night mode photo on my 13 Pro Max after seeing this post..

  19. And stand up for the sub means standing up for the people who made it, not it's existence staying perfectly as is because that's how you are in control. We dont care if we have to make a new GTA reddit tomorrow, you care that you probably wouldn't be the moderator if that happened. Am I wrong huh?

  20. I dont take pride in online moderation, I'll leave that for the people who do. But when they do they should remember they serve the people of the subreddit, not the platform they are on. We shouldn't be asking for permission to talk about something that happened, and if anything people should just start editing the leaks enough to make the argument it's not copyright infringement and share anyway. Rockstar shouldn't come down on everyone because their security is just as shit as it has notoriously always been. Everyone can go "woe is rockstar" all they want but I'm not ignorant to the fact that this is the same old "peer to peer is just fine" kind of behavior that probably allowed a fucking child to "hack" them anyway.. They got social engineered likely by a 16 year old.. It's fucking sad and we shouldn't be the ones getting bent over for it.

  21. Again, you’re one of the few people even complaining about this. The vast majority of people understand the position we’re in and don’t want the subreddit to get banned because they still wish to engage in a GTA community as large as this one.

  22. Support post update is kinda upsetting since most of the issues I have are software related and I’m sure they’ll get ignored in the support thread, but I’m happy that

  23. My photo post was just removed as it breached the no photos rule. Appears the only option is to post a comment on the Sunday photos thread

  24. Apologies for that. That’s a mistake, some mods are still getting used to the new rules.

  25. Nothing wrong with being condescending about a stupid comment

  26. I would be up in arms because misogyny is not funny and harmless, while misandry is funny and harmless

  27. Admins are just bullshitting. What they posted was 100% intentional.

  28. I remember they posted some stupid shit a while back, similar to this situation, and the morning after they deleted the post.

  29. The newly introduced photography rule allows photography posts on Sundays. We've had some reports on this post as it isn't Sunday EST anymore, we'll be more strict in future but I can't bring myself to remove a photo of a really smol cat.

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