1. Lyrics have even the tiniest bit of potential but man the "strum" if you can call it that. Also how do you get out of breath in one sentence? I think this person ks trying really jard for a low tone lol

  2. "We made a documentary on how racist white people are by demeaning white people and being racist."

  3. People like this claiming not to be racist then pulling this shit:

  4. As someone with social anxiety I'd rather die than be in the position this guy's in.

  5. Idk, perhaps something that isn't destroying public property and art, literally anything. An ad on a bus stop is gonna raise more actual positive awareness than this

  6. You do see the irony in calling for a change in protest method to save art but doing nothing to save the planet at the same time right?

  7. What am I to do? Suggest a way I can contribute to saving the planet if I don't have anything it takes, my voice doesn't bare much change either since I'm just a "clueless child who doesn't know any better". Yes, I criticize the way they destroy art. Why? Because. Art is cool, if you wanna destroy some, go to a modern art museum or something. Why destroy (copy but still) classic artworks? Anyway I was thinking of ways like even ads or something. Just something that isn't the destruction of public property at least.

  8. I actually thought it was satire. The first thing I saw was a post called “pronoun suggestions” and the first comment was:

  9. "AGONYS, PURGATORY, HALLWAY?" LMFAOOOO, "let/eat/lets/eat/letseatself", "pizza/ria" how would you even use these?!? "Yeah, pizza's father just went to the store to get eat some milk" if that's not migraine inducing I don't know what is. This is just "clown/clowncircusself" at this point. Why can't neos just be "xe/xer and ze/zir"?

  10. Please, I saw one 14 year old claiming to have DID and their "alter" was the edgiest OC you've ever seen, of course "bloods" went by: killer/killerself, murder/murders, gore/goreself, blood/bloods, knife/knifes etc. No, I didn't make this up. These kids need help.

  11. Nevermind the skin tone, it's the beard that's always bothered me in merchandise. Steve lost his beard like 10 years ago didn't he? Yeah, it's iconic but it always looks weird, he has no mouth in these products, just a beard. The actual modern Steve has a shaved beard and a mouth.

  12. You act as if drawing good quality nsfw art is some sin. Oh no, with his own original character too? No way!1 /s

  13. it aint a sin to make nsfw of your original character

  14. Hm, it's bad to post it on reddit, a site with pretty much more nsfw content than any other site? I dunno man, maybe you're just unlucky you've found it

  15. You wrote a new comment, you didn't reply to the previous one lol

  16. Thank you kids, I have so much more cringe to post here if you'd all like to see more of me. My cringe auro is so strong it's eminent at all times and cannot be matched by any disability or chromosome mutation.

  17. What an idiot,everyone knows that chocolate powder is hydrophobic which means that it doesn't mix well with liquid,because of the chocolate powder coating on top of the jar all of the milk was wasted

  18. Popping choco powder balls that haven't melted only to burst into dry powder was my biggest childhood pet peeve. This guy must've felt dumb after this, not that he was smart to begin with.

  19. I hope he comes around like all the other massive food waste tiktokers.

  20. JEEZ THAT'S EXPENSIVE. Is that like single use or can you use one constantly? I've heard of a similar thing but was skeptical, this one looks the best out of the ones I've seen tho.

  21. Yeah. Fat phobia is bullying people and ostracizing them from society but not making remarks about how unhealthy they are. It's common knowledge that fat = unhealthy. Fat phobia is more like fat = ugly. These people never "bullied" the ones on the video. Those were just remarks about their lifestyle. "Wall e predicted this" isn't even an insult, you just want it to be one so you can get offended. It's just about how people get fatter, more unhealthy and less active nowadays. I'd understand why you got offended if the comment called them whales or something but this whole conversation isn't making fun of fat people or insulting them, therefore this comment thread isn't fatphobic.

  22. Bro they’re literally pointing and laughing at them on a cringe sub Reddit that’s bullying. Clear-cut bullying. If they truly cared about these people making healthier decisions they would savor marks like “hope these people can get the help they need” not “lol looks like they’re on their way to McDonald’s to get even more fat” and stuff along those lines……get real dude

  23. I'm not talking about the entire sub, ofc it's fatphobic, it's a cringe sub, there's gonna be fatphobic people along with non-fatphobic ones here. Being fat is generally considered cringe and the reasons for that is up to both of these groups, for one it's because being fat is ugly and for the other it might be that being fat is sad. I was also talking about this particular comment thread because you called it fatphobic, rant under an actually fatphobic comment.

  24. Do you english? There is no "agreement" in my sentence, it's directed towards you, "redditard".

  25. Jeez man. I hate these people. They're the reason you think of sht like this when thinking of feminism.

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