Stargazing without light pollution. [OC]

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  1. Oh no you don't , I give you Rudolf Straeuli.

  2. So if say 20 million black people phoned the police during apartheid they would have received excellent and immediate service? Or do you mean these well trained police prioritized a single digit population demographic? What's the use if you're really good, but you don't help those that really needed it?

  3. Correct, they prioritised white areas and these areas where extremely safe. What use? Very little, but that's not what we are discussing is it? Your implication was that effective policing does not reduce murder/crime based on stats from a highly efficient police force that used its efficiency in limited locations. You are using straw man arguments to aid your confirmation bias.

  4. It's an evolving discussion, and I like some of the things that I am hearing. For instance, I can fully agree with the quality of the individuals not being the same. And you acknowledge that the service delivered was excellent, but only within a specific context.

  5. Agree, but I think it was the "for all" bit that was missing or unclear. I truly believe that had the government maintained the policing discipline and standards from the Apartheid era force while reforming the police mandate, things would be vastly different today. I suppose that is true of most things the ANC inherited though, teachers' training, energy, transport, you name it.

  6. In South Africa we use Bugger off or Bugger in the same way you would say sod off or damit. Not many people here know the real meaning of it. Raised some eyebrows the first time I dropped those in the UK 😂😂

  7. I cant even imagine what would happen to the hospitality industry in Vancouver if we had similar regulations at one point. I feel for you I try to support local when I can. I appreciate the response I was looking for responses like this. A lot of replies think I’m crazy for some reason lol.

  8. Surprised no one's mentioned the bans on hot cooked chicken, flip flops and underwear.

  9. Friendly reminder that Namibia "easy" path involved winning 3 games in 10 days

  10. In South Africa, best biltong slicer money can buy.

  11. how much did that run you? thinking about upgrading from my hand-crank Claassen's

  12. Looks like they're around R6800 at the moment.

  13. Aye, im Dutch. Tbh i didn't realize we were that different from germany. When you said Europe was hyper competetive i just went: "that ain't right". And yeah, Japan seems the best for this kind of training

  14. Lol, "Aye" and "bollocks", you sure you're from Holland?

  15. So I can add a bit of insight to this. Everyone else has given answers about SA generally, whereas I can be a bit more localised. The neighbourhood next to the one I grew up has become an area that a lot of the Somalians move to when they move to my city. I think it’s the largest group of Somalians in my city actually.

  16. The one thing I might add that everyone seems to have missed is the most pertinent one, that a large number of these people are in South Africa illegally. Once again due to the failure and corruption of the ANC. It's messed up because you now, due to desperation have private groups banding together to try and do the work of the police and this can quickly get out of control.

  17. Naw boet, trust me, that's not case hardening (at least not one that's cause for concern). For whatever reason there's this massive for fear of "anything dark outside" with a wet(ish) center is case hardening and therefore a bad batch. Really, case hardening is where the outside is -so- sealed that the inside is literally running with juice and you chance spoilage.

  18. lol, another idiot who can't tell the difference between justified criticism and 'targeting'.

  19. "Idiot" "Moron" as I said, you seem very nice

  20. I never taped mine, but I should definitely start doing so for some pain relief. Sometimes it feels as if a hammer crushed the toe joint!

  21. I set a new benchmark at my club by breaking both little toes in one session. I'll never go on the mats again without taping, six weeks off was very frustrating.

  22. Exactly, the urge to hit the mats is so high, but then at the end of rolling the toe pain kicks in. Does taping help minimize the pain by a lot?

  23. Not really, while the toe is injured it's still pretty painful. I do it to prevent re injury more than pain prevention.

  24. You can actually dry it out in colder temperatures, I've done some experimenting myself, I think you have noticed that there are traditionalists and then there are pragmatists. This sub tends to be more traditionalists.

  25. I run my cabinet at 25-30 degrees, @ 30% humidity, 2-3ms flow, of course it sits at 70% humidity or so for the first day and a bit before dropping.

  26. I will add that pushing the temp towards the 30 degree range does of course carry a higher risk of case hardening.

  27. I currently train at North Birmingham Judo and Bjj, been there since last July. Really good training environment, not too many seniors so you get a good look in during training. There are two training nights on, Tuesday which is more bjj focused and Saturday which is more judo focused, but if you're a beginner then you'll start off with a intro training programme that will start you with the basics of both disciplines. If you can make it to training and have time in your schedule for it then I would definitely recommend it. Here's the website

  28. Mostly because I was unaware of them. Thanks for the lead!! My fingers are starting to cramp from holding the sticks against the guide.

  29. There is nothing and I mean nothing in this biltong world better than Claasens slicers, they chew through biltong faster than Bulls supporters at Loftus Versveld. I just brought mine over in my hand luggage on my last trip but I believe they do ship abroad.

  30. Oh these look good are they 110v?

  31. Unfortunately not, you'll need a step up transformer.

  32. Instructions unclear. My neighbour is calling the police. Everyone in his house is filming me and looking shocked.

  33. Did you not bring a bottle of wine and some beers??

  34. I was in three countries in Africa (Namibia, Zimbabwe and South Africa) and I say there was no light pollution and the galactic core is longer in the Southern Hemisphere. It is memorizing.

  35. Few things as awe inspiring as the Namib sky at night.

  36. My problem is it's targeted at specific refugees who cross the British channel and who are male. The 'refugees' come from middle east. How come the UK and the rest of the west accepted refugees from Ukraine with open arms and didn't try to export them to Rwanda, but when it comes to middle eastern 'refugees' it's a different story.

  37. Will also add that Ukrainian refugees can't wait to get back to Ukraine fast enough, it's not a matter of if but when.

  38. Ja boet, would have been better if you used the money that overpriced braai cost you to go eat out for a couple of years, what a shit show.

  39. This seems like an Afrikaner white dad starter pack. I don't know any coloured or black people dads that have the starter pack. The only thing my dad passes for is rugby and the beer

  40. Afrikaner and a gas braai?? I don't think so my friend.

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