1. Yeah i randomly acquired a child size hand print on my TV. My daughters hand is not that size and it was higher than she could reach. The tv hadnt been moved in 2 years...

  2. My friends during highschool would date anyone within 2-3 years of age gap. That plus my sister's friend literally married her teacher after she graduated so something like a 17 year old dating a 15 year old isn't even close to being weird for me.

  3. These things don't use missiles which saves thousands per deployment compared to a normal jet... And can travel just as fast and any jet. Not just that, they can also go invisible and hide from radar. And also be used underwater. All that with a super computer in each and every one of them. Now tell me how we're gonna beat a nation that has this thing?

  4. It is actually possible. There has been a case where both parents looked white but have an ancestry like 1 or 2 generation before them being black. And with some miracle, the black gene (that might highly likely be recessive due to the fact that the parents did not physically have said appearance) actually made it through and came out a baby that looks 100% black.

  5. Imagine coming home and finding your SO in a furry costume requesting to smash.

  6. Let's do the math. Since her older sister is 12 years old, his father is 24 and let's assume they both have the same second name... That means she f the father at the age of 12. Impressive.

  7. Real life women scare me. I'd rather stay at home and watch 2d girls on questionable sites and then clear my search history.

  8. Me at 3am: "Shut tf up. It's 3am. If you're upset about your kids, just make another one and not drown em this time". An average horror gamer here.

  9. I love Nasi Kosong + Kicap + Telur mata/dadar + Sambal Garing 😋

  10. Its in the “anything” category tho 😋

  11. I noticed this thing coming to existence like 3 days ago. It's loud and annoying. That's all I'll say about it.

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