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  1. Mange often leaves black heads, but the thing is we can’t tell you anything for sure. A lot of skin issues look exactly the same as other skin issues. Mange can only positively be ID’d at a vet often with a skin scrap.

  2. They're necessary anywhere in the country, farm or not I'd say. Lots of pests that will quickly overrun your property without it.

  3. Lol I can read the article and disagree with it. You've clearly never seen what it looks like when a piece of property is overrun by rodents. Traps ain't gonna do it.

  4. I own horses and grew up on a farm. Bait and traps take care of a lot more then you seem to think

  5. Awwww!! It is so heart warming when a dog selective dog gets past that initial hurdle and goes ‘I like you.’ If I was you I probably would have cried lol

  6. The lack of toys is a preventative and safety measure for your dogs. One of the biggest causes of fights between dogs is often resource guarding. And especially with a area with lots of dogs, the chances increases.

  7. Ummmm these are peer reviewed publish medical studies LOL. Wtf are you talking about these aren’t research haha they’re literally posted in medical research journals. Here is the first study -

  8. But not on dog behavior. Learn context. And that is why you googling pulled this up but not a search on places like pubmed. It found you a website that likes to take things out of context and use it to make you afraid. And it works.

  9. I have read the studies actually. Please enlighten me on where they don’t all basically say the same thing? Let me know when you do your own research on how the data says pitbulls aren’t causing more bites and damage, I’ll wait for you to publish you own data refuting it since you seem to be an expert.

  10. Since you haven’t responded yet, let’s look at your first article. I will quote it

  11. I was going to mention this exact scene lol that scene had me in tears I was laughing so hard

  12. All they say is to use treats Ive been trying that but it seem to betting worse it started with his crate now it’s transferred to his food

  13. Look up the book ‘Mine!’ It is often treated as one of the best guides on resource guarding.

  14. The shop clerks knew the moment they saw a dude with the hood up. They weren't even surprised.

  15. What’s funny is he pushed it back for a moment and then went ‘oh no! They can see me!’ And pulled it forward again lol way to keep making it obvious

  16. What are the great poems of his you could recommend?

  17. His absolute best one is 101. It is him grieving for his brother, and two thousand years later grief is still the same. This is the one that can make me cry if I think about it too long.

  18. I love Catullus, but I’m always sort of sad when this is the poem everyone brings up. Cause while it is vulgar and people like to be shocked that something like that was written, but he has written one of the few poems that have ever made me cry. So this isn’t his best stuff. It’s just amusing it exists

  19. I liked odyssey, origins was only ok. The game as a whole just wasn’t as entertaining to me. As a long time fan of AC, I really did not like Aya/Bayek’s relationship and over arcing story. But on the other hand I absolutely loved Bayek as a character.

  20. Understood. I'm slowly relearning a lot about dog training, this is one thing which I didn't really know. He's a breed known for aggresivity (chow chow) so I'm trying my best to learn the best way to avoid aggresivity. Taking multiple training lessons and positive socialization are already on the list.

  21. Going to add in, what we know of dog behavior and training methods has changed a lot in the last 20 year alone. A lot of people are still using what was common mindsets from before since it has changed so fast. People don’t know any better yet.

  22. Yep, I struggle with this one a bit. I don't mind them starting this conversation, but when I tell them that I've been an aquarist for 60 years and have bred over 100 varieties of fish, that should be a signal to them to stop the interrogation. I just might know more than they do. Some stop, but some don't.

  23. Ok so I totally get where you are coming from, but I would also totally get where the the sales associate is coming from. I have had several jobs with animals. With shelter/rescues, at vets and with zoos. I have a lot of experience with a wide range of animals, but I am really good with dogs since that’s where I started. And how many people have tried to tell me they have been a breeder for x number of years or showed for this number of years or they have had dogs all their lives so of course they know what they are doing.

  24. Play firework sounds every day, multiple times a day. I did this over my sonos that I had around the house. Slowly increase the sound of it. Do it often enough will desensitize your dog to it.

  25. Some people hate change lol I’m not excited but I’m not not-excited either so you only speak for your tiny little corner of the fandom

  26. I like RPG games where you can mess up, and you can mess up bad early and get a game over half way through the game (or far cry where you can always finish the game in the first few minutes)

  27. Not knowing the history of possible aggressive behavior ..just a consideration.

  28. That still had nothing to do with what I was talking about. So there is nothing to consider

  29. Adopting a rescue doesn't afford you the dog's, or the dogs parents history ...only what they want to tell you.

  30. Growling does not always mean a bad thing. You said your self he grumbles when happy. Some dogs growl for anything and you have to learn to id it from the other body language.

  31. If you want to start with cutting chicken out then that is all you need to look at. Keep an eye out for ‘poultry’ in the label as well, an allergy for chicken doesn’t mean they can’t have duck or turkey but group terms like poultry doesn’t tell you what’s there. It is a lot easier with perscription hydrolyzed, and there is a chance you will switch to something else they maybe allergic too (I did that, hydrolyzed we found out he was allergic to chicken, switched to a fish base dog food… he is also allergic to whitefish)

  32. Same. So sorry to hear about all you went through. I had 2 dogs that started fighting each other after a house fire - before that they never had problems with any other dogs (and never after - they just hated each other for the rest of their lives).

  33. Oh jeez yeah. I am so sorry you had to deal with that too! When I said somewhat reactive that was similar. Extreme reactivity in the beginning that mellowed on most things and was hyper focused on others. He decided he did not like my other dog anymore (who got through the fire perfectly fine, he was excited to meet the firemen) and I had to keep them separated. My other dog died from a ruptured spleen a few months later so we didn’t have to deal with it long, but the stress of it was hard. And now he is great with all other dogs again.

  34. I have went a good deal faster then what I should have with all my dogs. Just sort of went, time for adventure! And heaved them into the car. But pup cups at Starbucks or any coffee place. Every single day. If they like hikes or something similar make that the destination. But biggest thing was pup cups. Don’t have the destination be anything that scares them for a long time and make sure each time is fun or rewarding for them. If you need to, I did have one dog I would give whipped cream in a can just for getting in the car the first few days. Then once I got the door closed I immediately went to Starbucks.

  35. Dave Duncan’s Tales of the King’s Blades. All magic in the books are controlled by diagrams that pull on the elements. The elements are things like fire, time, air, death, earth, love and so on. The main characters are swordsmen magically bound to protect one person by this magic. And it can literally drive them crazy to do it. The magic elements can be interesting too, in one book (if I remember it right) a character gets so much fire and earth elements in them they become a lava drake that runs around catching everything on fire.

  36. I guess I’m fourth-ing codex alera lol but going to warn I wasn’t a fan of the books until the third book, but you do need to read the first two to understand anything that is going on. Plus this is one of those series where I REALLY like some of the characters POV and had to completely skip over others.

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