1. I also get frustrated commonly at conflating the two, but I'd argue intersex isn't really a sex unto itself, but more accurately described as 'one of the two sexes, plus anomalous development'.

  2. That's how you got doctors 'fixing' the baby before its body had any chance of picking a direction to develop. There are only two sexes so let's start cutting until we get to one.

  3. I am not a doctor, but abortions aren’t like pulling out a whole baby…I think the bad anatomy is that you wouldn’t have anything in the jar except some fluids and biological matter that wouldn’t look like a baby at all. You’d have to have a very late term abortion to have the effect they’re going for.

  4. The original text, posted well above, specified third trimester so there was at least a potato sized fetus to view.

  5. I think 'measure' is the verb, also 'take' and 'read'. Heat and cool are specific for modifying temperature but I think for getting the current value we only have the generic verbs.

  6. Yes they can. It’s why sex work is a thing. That said most people seem to be judging the dynamic of paying for sex acts within a marriage. But you’re far from the first person to have an “I’ll X if you Y” setup with a partner.

  7. Compromise is important to relationships. I think people are getting really hung up about the sexual nature of this one. As if no one ever does things sexually for their partner's sole enjoyment.

  8. Those are at least separate countries. Why does Puerto Rico compete separately from the usa?

  9. Did it die? Please tell me it went away. Every 30 days I'd have to click the Don't show for 30 days button. Maybe they ran the numbers and saw that only a small percentage of users didn't have it on sleep. It also got a lot of hate for being mandatory. Subs are opt-in but for some reason rpan automatically shows up in your feed even though you didn't ask for it.

  10. Lol it's even more wierd considering they work remotely with each other....

  11. Since ethics vary by person, culture, and over time it can't really be something built into our simulation as general rules. If it were built in I would expect something like karma to also exist. Without enforcement rules are meaningless. In our 'simulation' we enforce ethics on each other because we came up with them.

  12. I found the change up at Mercedes this season to be pretty telling. Bottas was 3rd last year to 10th this year. His replacement Russel went from 15th to 4th. Both drivers drove significantly better while in at Mercedes vs a B team.

  13. Shouldn't Raz be dead for some people? If you don't choose to save him during the main AD storyline? Or does he still survive if you choose to let him die?

  14. Context matters. I'll use it with my friend, but not if his kids are around. I'll use it at a bar but not at work. While in the military it was every 4th word I spoke. Then in college I reigned its usage way back.

  15. It wasn't clear from this post's description that the survey is only for people that own Ferraris.

  16. I didn't find any posts that meet the matching requirements for

  17. Don't feel bad for not finding anything. The picture is older than you are.

  18. It wouldn't remove the debt, the debt just becomes defaulted on. The people who loaned out their money would never get it back. It just shifted a bunch of money from people who earned it to people that didn't. Then no one is getting loans in the future because no one would risk it happening again.

  19. I have no solution, only sympathy. Kind of ruined housing for me. The only thing we can decorate are weapons and armor and armor doesn't work.

  20. I picked side but really my answer is current area. Pick up every quest as i cross them and do them before moving on the next area of the map.

  21. To cover up the bits they use to piss and shit.

  22. I definitely had some sticker shock coming to this game. I had played FO4 and Skyrim for years prior. I would somewhat regularly buy stuff from creation club. Couple dollars for new armors or furniture packs. The most I spent at once was probably $10 for a trio of houses, three decent size houses for only $10. Then I start playing eso, check the crown store and find mount skins run $30+, wth. When there is no competition they can just make up whatever prices they want.

  23. Skyrim is a singleplayer game with zero development and zero server costs. A goose shitting golden eggs for more than a decade now. Fuck, even the stuff they sell in the creators club isn't made by Bethesda themselves. To compare that to an MMO with ongoing development, new content 4 times a year, servers for 3 different platforms and constant adaptations to new hardware is simply ridiculous.

  24. They're free to charge what they want and I'm free not to buy it. As it stands they have priced themselves out of any additional sales from me. That golden goose has earned more of my money by pricing their cosmetics low enough that I actually bought any.

  25. California even allows liquor in grocery stores. There are still plenty of beer, wine, and liquor stores around. They win on selection. There is no reason to prop up those stores with forced lack of competition.

  26. Fuck California, this is Colorado. If you want California shit then move the fuck (back) there.

  27. Not sure what hating California has to do with grocery stores coexisting with specialty shops. They do so for many non-alcoholic things already. If you'd prefer a red state Texas allows the sale of wine in grocery. And yet beer and wine is still found in liquor stores there. Again better selection.

  28. Reddit will red squiggle misspellings but doesn't give me correction options. Sometimes I'm just too lazy to google for the correct spelling and call it close enough.

  29. Why do you think starting on the left would be easier?

  30. One crash and 2 disconnects during 1.5 hr of play last night.

  31. I did it once for a little over a month. It was a class I wanted to take but I knew I wouldn't be able to handle the additional workload starting with midterms. So I just sat in the first part of the quarter.

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