1. Would love to see them interact. Kukaku and Isshin together would be funny as shit i imagine

  2. The way I interpreted it is that the original plan was to ask Ichigo if he even wanted his powers back. At the start of FB he essentially has the life he wanted at the start of the series, free from the supernatural.

  3. Bad fight, Bad abilities (not weak, i just dont like it), Way too much screentime, Bad brother

  4. Dude just watch a vid on this or something im too tired for this amount of bleaching

  5. Thought this was part of the Cant Fear Your Own Rear novels?

  6. We need someone to edit markipliers face on Bambietta with a big E

  7. Literally the only reason i've banned my friend from seeing the intro. The rest only hints at future events without giving things away but showing Uryu straight out tells you a plot twist before it happens

  8. With great power comes great responsiability

  9. This is nothing compared to the Van Dijk pain train. It's a miracle we managed 3rd that season

  10. The flying start we had that season helped. we were in title-winning form till Christmas.

  11. True that, Liverpool at top form can beat anyone

  12. A lot of comedic moments have been cut, and i think this is to focus on the style of Bleach as it's one of the series strongest aspects as well as something that has been sorely lacking in modern anime

  13. I fukkin called it all the way back when he announced his Bleach reviews on twitter. I FUKKIN CALLED IT

  14. Damn these are some BIG names Bleach are trouncing

  15. True, but after years of slander and no anime or manga it feels amazing to see

  16. Does he? He seemed pretty rude to hisagi and even sword spirit

  17. Don't forget Charlotte and Ganju. Dude was disrespectful af and did a lot of thrashtalk

  18. Yeah why was that? Do we have any info?

  19. Because of a Europa League game arsenal have to play.


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