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  1. I call them cash royale, they don’t care about anything but money. They still haven’t banned Russian players from playing the game and they are literally a Finnish company. They don’t care about anything but money. Greedy individuals.

  2. You really think Russia will stop invading just because a few kids cant play clash royale

  3. So I’m kinda new to reddit. Can someone explain to me the idea of karma and karma farming? Can it be exchanged for cash or something? Or is it just to validate yourself?

  4. Know what it should be my life mission to get banned from all big and karmawhore subs I already have

  5. I mean let’s be honest if your knee jerk reaction to be insulted by teeth is to laugh at kids dying (which doesn’t really happen that often relative to population) then you have major issues. Like you can go to routes about appearances well before you can get to that point like being fat or uneducated

  6. The reason europeans make fun of America for their school shootings is because how easily accessible guns are and how unwilling many people are to change it

  7. Download the files app from Google it cleans up the phone and does not give your phone a virus

  8. Teach them the low level programming for lower class and the high level for high class. I expect something like asssembly for 3rd grade and scratch for the 10th grade

  9. Unironically I think Java is among of the best choices.

  10. I think javascript is better as It has no boilerplate it is initially fun and easy to learn You can add types later through typescript when you are getting serious

  11. Pretty sure the template lateral is a js thing and this looks like something done in frontend

  12. Literally any (custom) templating "engine" can use it. Examples are Javadoc, Garden, Zoho email templates, Puppet, bash/shell scripts, the list goes on...

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