1. This is an incredibly well thought out response and I agree partially, but I think that the key difference between my view and yours here is that inaction is certainly morally relevant when you are the only person who can act and change the outcome of a situation. In the case of homeless people many many people pass and help or don’t help, many charities exist to help. In the case of Walt watching Jane choke, he is the sole person able to change her fate. Although Walt is not necessarily morally required to act and save Jane, were he not there she would have died anyway, but the fact is that he was there, and he could have acted to save her. This is morally dubious, we need another reason as to why he acted morally, it can’t be this ‘he has no more responsibility as a bystander’ argument.

  2. One thing both of you overlooked is that by shaking Jeesee while trying to wake him up, Walt caused Jane to turn on her back. So his active behaviour led to her death. He caused her to turn around so he is to blame trough his active and passive behaviour.

  3. Hey- old thread I know. I’m curious about what happened though. How did things turn out? I’m experiencing the same thing with oiliness returning about 2 months into treatment despite no change in my regimen.

  4. hi :) it was partly oily, then dry, then oily again. dk why :D but my acne definetly cleared! (knock on wood)

  5. Nope but it's fine. I just have textured skin on some areas, it's always been like that. It's manageable with exfoliation.

  6. This was so incredibly helpful. I know you wrote this some time ago. But thank you, you're words helped someone today

  7. That's a primer. Makeup products like primers are intended to sit on the skin, unlike skincare products, so it's fine to go on top of sunscreen.

  8. It's primer, so it should go first on the skin, not over sunscreen. Generally for sunscreen it's better to find matte one or to use powder to make it matte

  9. Sorry, it's not a primer. I thought that, but on the website it says it should go on as a last step

  10. Applying anything over your sunscreen disrupts the sunscreen layer.

  11. Azelaic just kinda does that 😅 a bit of it is due to the dehydration. Buffering it by using after moisturizer can help. The other option is leaving it on for 15-60 mins and then washing it off and finishing your routine. 20% is a lot though, it tends to cause more discomfort than lower amounts like 10% otc or the geek and gorgeous Apad azelaic serum.

  12. I feel very similarly about my mother. She isn’t a bad person and wasn’t a bad mother. But she had these very toxic moments and still does. I tried addressing a few things with her. It was chaotic and traumatic. When we worked through those difficult confrontations, and I thought we had moved on, she would guilt trip me about it months later and continue to bring up. It’s exhausting. Just when I think we have overcome these mistakes and grown closer, she shows her true self. I’ve given up trying to confront her. I’m trying to find peace with the fact that she won’t change, and be grateful that for the most part our relationship is fine.

  13. If you find yourself getting pimples again, you can ask your dermatologist or if you’re desperate, keep looking for a dermatologist that does low dose accutane. If you’re a woman, odds are you won’t find a dermatologist that would do that as it will require monthly pregnancy tests still. However, if you’re a man, you can take low dose accutane almost indefinitely and only meet the dermatologist a few months to refill.

  14. thanks :) thankfully in germany monthly pregnancy tests are not required (only one in the beginnig) so maybe I am lucky

  15. Accutane is not meant for the treatment of oily skin. Oily skin is annoying, I know, but if the oil is not causing acne then there's no reason to go back on Accutane. My skin became much more receptive to over-the-counter products after Accutane so you may be able to find a skin care regime, or even a diet, that will help reduce and control oiliness.

  16. Thank you for your opinion. But if the oil production isn't reduced permanently, what stops the acne from coming back?

  17. I'm on an indefinate low dose for excessively oily skin/hair. 20mg twice a week, have been for 4 or 5 years now.

  18. I don’t wanna be the bearer of bad news but I’ve done three rounds and my skin is back to being oily lol. Not as bad as pre accutane tho. It’s somewhat controllable with a good skin care routine and good lifestyle habits

  19. You can do whatever works best for you. If washing with water makes you oily, I'd skip it and just apply your sunscreen.

  20. I never wash in the AM. If anything I splash a little water in the shower but that’s it. I spray water on my face in place of an essence/toner the apply my serums and moisturizer (of course top it off w SPF). I think many people over-wash. I’m dry and prone to dehydration so my skin is happier if I don’t wash in the morning.

  21. I’m so over this myth that everyone with oily skin is “dehydrated.” Some of us just make a crap ton of oil, no matter how hydrated our skin is or how much we remove the oil from our face.

  22. Yes, so true. My oily skin is definitely genetic, sucks to get the feeling that it's somehow my fault and fixable. Makes me obsess over "solutions"

  23. I don’t know if it’s mineral, but Rimmel Stay Matte powder works really well for me. I only use it over sunscreen before applying foundation or as a last step when it’s very hot and humid.

  24. I'm oily acne prone. I like Wet n Wild Photo Focus Loose Setting Powder and Maybelline Fit Me Matte Powder.

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