1. Beautiful! Looks like a Hawk or an Eagle to me.

  2. Cool composition. I remember what the rampaging Toutle River looked like during the 1980 eruption of Mt St Helens, when it swept away trees, houses and bridges. It looks so peaceful now.

  3. TIL there's no height/weight proportionate squirrels in Boise.

  4. I guess The Bay City Rollers weren't as way out as I remember.

  5. Those are cool photos! Thanks for sharing them.

  6. Is it possible for you to share your photos in their original state without any text superimposed over them? Thanks

  7. Why do you want them? What do you plan on doing with the originals?

  8. I just want to see the full area. I don't want to do anything with the photo but look at it.

  9. Egyptians Pharaohs often had dozens of children with wives and concubines; I can't imagine a Pharaoh using a condom. I'm guessing this artifact was used for something else; some kind of ritual purpose. Natural materials like Sheep's intestines made much more practical condoms than fabric could.

  10. Even after all these years, I still hate the classic 1970s yellow and brown color combination of the Stride Rite store that I grew up with.

  11. Making naval medicine look extremely incompetent and corrupt. Neat.

  12. Dr. Ronny Johnson represents Navel Intelligence.

  13. In the Middle Ages there was a big religious argument over whether Adam and Eve had belly-buttons.

  14. It blows my mind that people don't know stuff like this. And, for example, the 1918 flu was still killing significant numbers of people as late as 1920. Sound familiar?

  15. The 1918 Flu killed both my Great-Grandfather and Great-Uncle, who was a young man. They died within about a week of each other.

  16. There's also a point at which being subjected to the idiocy of Elon Musk is worse than the disease.

  17. ironically even back then idiots were believing conspiracy theories that it was the jews

  18. Personally, I would choose any cheap spray paint color other than red, because when it gets all runny in the rain it makes the poor sheep look like the victims of a Chainsaw Massacre! Not exactly picturesque.

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