The Toronto Maple Leafs have been eliminated from the Stanley Cup Playoffs after losing to the Tampa Bay Lightning in 7 games

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  1. AEW really needs to work on their sound mixing.

  2. I think Live it sounds good, but they could use like a 15-20% bump to the theme music IMO. I think they keep it quieter on purpose because they like the fan noise....

  3. It looks good but could we give the lion a giant wang with a star on it?

  4. Surrounding the WC is a bit hairy, but our last 5 of the season is the true test. If this team wants a top 8 finish, there's how you prove yourselves

  5. Aston Villa have partnered with All Elite Wrestling to bring Billy 'The Assman' Gunn to the club as a strength and conditioning coach.

  6. 'Someone deserves to potentially get hurt by drunk assholes because they didn't get punished for not kicking a ball as quickly as I would've liked'

  7. Mings is great in the air, makes a ton of blocks, can pass and hoofball, and is a force when it comes to organizing.

  8. Stevie had 3 straight 1000 yd seasons. Only other bill to do that was Andre reed I believe

  9. Andre never did it, actually. Had an 'every other year' thing going on with injuries

  10. Damn I wasn’t sure if I remembered it correctly or not. should’ve fact checked that since I was too young to remember Andre

  11. Funnily enough I was at the game where Stevie secured that 3rd 1000 yard season. One of my all-time favorite Bills

  12. Still don't have the longest drought for first round exits. Thanks Leafs!

  13. The keywords of 'current fitness level' really cement that I've got no chance unless I'm on pens.

  14. Great game, I'd like to thank the game thread for indulging in that stupid Cody Rhodes Adrenaline meme. Couldn't believe NJ played that song on the PA

  15. I answered Tuch because I believe he'll be the captain

  16. Being captain doesn’t automatically make you the face of the team. Mackinnon / Makar are more the face of Colorado than landeskog, who is obviously no slouch either.

  17. Totally agree, tbh I wasn't really sure who to pick. Tuch being the boyhood Sabres fan may be coloring how I view things as well

  18. Is the intro to Cap’n’s theme supposed to like Guile’s theme from SF2?

  19. 100%, I think he's made twitter references to it, I almost wish they just paid Capcom for the song. Given how many Street Fighter fans are on the roster and the AEWxSF collab, itd be sweet if there was a total themed SF episode someday

  20. Lol no you’re good. I was just curious on how that worked or how you determined it was a mural ghost

  21. Forget drafting high. Run the board, finish 9th. Set the tone for next season.

  22. Playing well and being a fun team gets the fans engaged and gives the players the right mindset. Been more on board with this team in years

  23. Callahan sounds like he’s trying to tell without blowing out his sound to be heard. And I can’t hear Leah. Oh well. From what I’ve seen, I’m not missing much by not hearing her call the game

  24. I'll give Leah/Callahan the credit that they have been almost exclusively praising the Sabres so far haha

  25. I dunno if the ice is bad tonight or what, been a ton of players falling tonight

  26. Sorry but who the fuck is RJ??

  27. Rick Jeanneret, 51 years the Sabres' announcer. Retiring this year, they put his name in the rafters tonight with our retirer numbers

  28. So, I just want to make sure I understand this right, Alex Tuch is actually a lifelong Sabers fan and he ended up escorting a long time Sabers announcer onto the ice to be saluted by the fans?

  29. That is correct! I shoulda changed the tweet text to say Rick Jeanneret so it was less confusing.

  30. So he wasn't producing as a winger, they put him at the middle and he scores 30 goals lol

  31. As a winger there was nothing Tage Thompson wanted to do more than get completely stonewalled on the boards lol

  32. I swear this past month has just been the most cathartic hockey experience

  33. Introducing your starting goaltender for the Buffalo Sabres 2022, Lainkenen!

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