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  1. Reynor vs Classic in the GSL. As a Terran player who prefers to watch that matchup this Zerg vs Protoss is the best game I have ever seen.

  2. With Rogue and Serral not playing, only Dark, Reynor, and maybe Hero can beat Maru 😈

  3. I mean he still drops series to random Prosses. Zoun knocked him out of GSL not too long ago.

  4. What, did you tell your friends about your lame joke and they all just kind of smiled? So you thought you would tweet it?

  5. It’s pretty much agreed that even without having the best stats that the GSOT was the best offense. The depth of receivers, the speed of the offense, the quality of the offensive line, and the matchup nightmare that was Faulk. All orchestrated by the perfect QB who could hit you in stride and was brace enough to stand in the pocket and make the big throw downfield.

  6. It’s barely a competent franchise that survives by name and the stupidity of children who do not know yet what good movies/television is

  7. Brunell to Santana Moss twice. They had been shutdown all game until those 2 bombs

  8. Yeah, I mean complete domination other than those 2 plays. Really stands out in my memory

  9. Kupp is a very smart WR and he will still put up around 1200 yards and 8-12 tds, but there will be a drop off from last year's performance. Outside of a select few WRs (Rice, Harrison) do players follow up career years with numbers that come close to their previous years totals. This happens to every position and there is a ton of data that backs out up. Kupp will still be a top ten WR but I don't think he will be the top 5 WR next year.

  10. I disagree. He consistently leads in categories like separation, red-zone targets, and yards after the catch.

  11. I mean if Jaquiski Tartt just held on to that easy pick only 5 months ago we’d have been in the Super Bowl and likely won it lol but hey, I’m not salty

  12. Blame the NFL not the replacement refs. They were just doing their job. It was a wrong call, but it’s the NFLs fault for not having the proper professionals on the field. It was well within the NFLs power to meet the needs of these professionals and instead they outsourced scabs who weren’t qualified. The replacement refs at the very least did the best they could. The NFL did not.

  13. It’s actually the right call based on the rules but no one wants to remember it that way. Its akin to the tuck rule, stupid but correctly called

  14. Went to that game! We had just traded for Nick Foles and the excitement was high. St. Louis fans left the stadium chanting SB!

  15. Baseball is different. Every team has a dozen hitters. Gore competed against 40 runningbacks each year and never lead a single stat in his career. An MLB hitter is facing around 400 qualified hitters. Being in the top 10 in baseball is just as elite as leading in rushing yards (Gore never), rushing touchdowns (not even close), YPC (again, nope), etc.

  16. Yeah it’s crazy to me. He was a good back for 4-5 but for most of his career he was an average to below average back. Even his best season he wasn’t too 3 statistically.

  17. Nah, Gore was a top 5 back for 8 straight years and consistently put up numbers.

  18. Yeah? What 3 season stretch was he a top 5 back statistically?

  19. This is dumb. I was a server for 15 years (as recently as 2020) and it’s a damn good paying job relative to its peers.

  20. I've been a server, I know you can make good money doing it as I did it for a large chunk of my working life. However, my statement was in regard to what the restaurant actually pays is employee, not what the employee actually takes home.

  21. What does it matter what the restaurants pays you? What is your point? It’s how much you earn by being an employee that matters.

  22. I am thinking the careers of some great defensive tackles will be overshadowed by what Aaron Donald is. Think Geno Atkins, Gerald Mccoy, or Chris Jones who are very good pass rushing defensive tackles. The bar that Aaron Donald makes their very excellent careers seem pedestrian, when in reality all 3 of those players are great.

  23. I mean he scored 6 points, his special teams outscored him.

  24. This was the year I stsrted watching football and sports in general. One of my earliest NFL memories is STL destroying GB while Favre threw 6 ints lol

  25. What if the tuck rule was never called and the Raiders win. Does Brady even keep his job over Bledsoe? Or does Brady ride the bench a few years and the Patriots miss out in a few SBs. If so, who benefits the most in the AFC? Manning?

  26. The Rams strategy is not replicable. It was more lightning in a bottle. How often do top 10 QBs and top 5 corners get traded? Almost never.

  27. The QBs and corner thing isn’t as big of a thing. It’s that they have arguably the best players at the most important positions in the league.

  28. We obviously were never going to win with Goff, I don’t know how you could say the QB thing wasn’t a big deal. I also think Ramsey has been in amazing player for the Rams. With corner being a premier position in the league, I am not sure how you dismiss him either

  29. This. Every kid shot should be shown in their full horror. They should be displayed in Times Square, on Milk cartons, in super bowl ads. Everywhere, until every single American has seen their faces; Until it’s burned into our memory so that when we close our eyes we can’t escape our failures.

  30. How's viewership been? I checked yesterday and it was kinda depressing.

  31. I tried to watch but damn the games are so lopsided. The format is always painful to watch, these super longer breaks between games, but then you get these horribly lopsided games…

  32. Is it me or have the Bills become super overrated? You'd think it was the Bills that beat the Chiefs and won the AFC championship game with the way the media talks about them.

  33. It’s the QB play. Allen is the best dual threat QB the game has ever seen. The arm and accuracy of Mahomes with the speed of Kyler Murray and the size and power of Cam Newton.

  34. It’s even crazier because what about those times he draws the attention of 3 guys and someone else makes the play. That is not recorded as anything but that was a large factor in his teammate success.

  35. They did call a scheme to have help with Donald. Just their center totally wiffed and did absolutely nothing that play. Was supposed to be a double with him and the guard. I don’t think the center put hands on anyone that play.

  36. Donald went to the tackle shoulder of the guard, beat the guard so quickly the center never stood a chance

  37. Well I mean they did have a double team called. Donald just beat it with his get off, swim move, and speed

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