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  1. Yes, you can definitely do it within 1 year. I completed mine 2 months after getting my PMP, so I was set for about 6 years. I saved some money too since it's still within my 1 year PMI membership

  2. Good strategy. I'll keep that in mind.

  3. I am fairly certain you can obtain your PDUs in any span of time, as long they are all in by the time your renewal is up. You don't have to drag them out in 3 years. Heck you can cram and get them done in a couple of weeks if you're aggressive.

  4. You need to dump that narcissistic man baby. Not cool.

  5. That’s not cool. If you borrow someone’s stuff, no matter what it is, you don’t let someone borrow it from you without at least talking to the owner. He needs to replace your books. What you’re feeling is not petty. Your and your kindness are being disrespected and taken for granted.

  6. Helium is not flammable. What’s going on? Did they use something else?

  7. Kanye is living in another dimension. Mentally.

  8. She's a people pleaser and can't stick to an opinion.

  9. Are you pulling on the cord when you unplug? You’re supposed grasp it by the hard plastic part and pull. If you tug by the cord it eventually gets damaged.

  10. Why would you wash your car before it rains? It'll just get dirty again. You'd be an idiot to wash your car before it rains.

  11. Because I’m two weeks overdue. It’s filthy. I really was going to wash it this week but then I saw the weather report.

  12. Hello, fellow "I should have washed both of these a week ago, ah, well, after the rain, I guess" street parker!

  13. How dare you. I have a garage and a driveway.

  14. The sooner you start, the better. A lot of people losing their jobs will likely take a "break" with their severance packages and unemployment checks, especially because it's the holiday season. They will probably wait for the new year to begin.

  15. May he never work again. It's the least the universe can do for his victims.

  16. In other news Kevin spacey has a movie coming out

  17. Yeah, that's unfortunate. And I was a fan before all that crap came to light.

  18. Carpets should be cleaned at least once a year. Ideally, every six months. You'd be surprised how dark the waste water is!

  19. I don't think anyone here is under the age of 8.

  20. Definitely the artistic work of Glamour Shots by Deb

  21. Objects are hung. People are hanged.

  22. Someone should tell him phone numbers are numbers.

  23. Not weird they're only on the orange line. Obviously the same person who takes that route regularly is doing it.

  24. Did anyone check Craigslist Lost & Found? Also, it would help if they included a picture of said foot in the article. How are we supposed to help if we can't see it?

  25. I was on his side. Then he just got more stupid. They deserve each other.

  26. You just know there are going to be hundreds of people getting on the road and getting stuck.

  27. Tell her no. It's your work, your art, nobody should be dictating what you should or should not put into it.

  28. iDumpling in Redwood City is great. Love their soups and dumplings!

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