1. I recommend trying out the jelly shroom cave. It's very pretty and it's mostly safe, there are a few openings around the map and it looks like a cave full of glowing jelly mushrooms

  2. When your oculus is connected up to the PC with your link cable it will continue to charge. I'm not sure if it's just mine but pluging the oculus into the PC only slows down the process of it losing power, this is most likely because the USB dose not output enough power to actually charge the oculus well enough for the battery to go up, probably because usb's aren't meant to be used to charge things

  3. Talking with friends over discord or any other app can definitely help, you can also try playing in a well lit room or turn down your volume a bit if you just wanna go down and not have to hear any noises

  4. 100% go for ranged or melee, It gives good damage and good defence plus lets you learn the boss's attack patterns.

  5. Well your going to need to be EXTREMELY good at dodging. Don’t underestimate it

  6. Personally some of my favorites are hadopelagic pressure, sanctuary, pest of the cosmos, guardian of the former seas, cosmic disgust, and providence

  7. Everyday I keep seeing someone having problems with the quest 2/meta quest. But I won't blame you since the thing is full of bugs

  8. Your coins can go above 100, if you craft them to the next tier. (you can turn 100 gold coins into platinum by crafting it) I'm not sure about your problem with the gem tree not giving you gems so I won't say anything to avoid giving you the wrong information.

  9. Nft’s. Like I just don’t understand why people buy a picture for like thousands of dollars, and that blockchain shit? Doesn’t make a bit of sense to me.

  10. Personaly for me, I like the jelly shroom cave. It's very pretty and has very vibrant colors. Your going to have to get used to the sound of crab snakes but you will be mostly fine and there's tons of lithium down there, just bring down a seamoth with the first depth module. (it's not needed but makes it easier)

  11. This happens to me, all I do is ignore it because I dont see the point in reformating a SD card (deleating all the files on it? Who the fuck would do that)

  12. When going onto steam none of the gui's load, all that is left is just my profile, the library, shop buttons ect. I have tried restarting steam, restarting my pc, deleating cache files, deleating steam and reinstalling it, and many more. The only way I have found to turn the gui back on is wait about a week and for no goddamn reason it turns back on. I'm trying to add someone and I have not found a way to use big picture mode to add someone, any help is greatly appreciated.

  13. No it would not, but it would be a nice mechanic to fit into the harder difficulties as a joke

  14. could totally see this mechanic fitting right in with a secret seed like the constant

  15. You can tell the queen bee is on low health by how fast it moving, jesus

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