Americans do this???

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  1. If that’s rusted please do not hold with your bare hand

  2. Torx screwdriver but i dont know which size

  3. Nope. Can't be. It has no grove for a pipe to sit in. It doesn't have the hook to hold the pipe while being bent. Absolutely would not bend pipe nicely

  4. AHH great thanks for letting me know. At first I wondered if they were trying to poison the tree as they dropped it at first and then moved it so it was at the base of a tree. But when I picked it up and found out it had a hole in the bottom I realised it would't work for that. Maybe they were just trying to hide it from my view from the house.

  5. Aren't Americans kettles way slower? Because of the lower voltage in your power grid? Kettles would be less time efficient than stove.

  6. The lower voltage won't change anything. A heating element at 120v may pull 15amps, at 240 it would only pull 7.5 amps.

  7. Window ac is typically 20a, dryer is 30a, stove 40a. This is a 20a

  8. Post is one hour old with 2 comments and I still can’t get here fast enough. I just want to be the first one damnit! A guy can dream…

  9. It looks like the tool that is included in a new light fixture. It is a wrench to tighten the nut that holds the glass part in place.

  10. Interesting, I’ll have to pursue that direction and see if that’s what it is.

  11. I am an electrician, I have used them often. A bathroom vanity light is a common fixture that uses them, some ceiling fans as well.

  12. The width of two twins is equal to a king, but a king is longer.

  13. Yes, yes they do. Two Macbook Air cables and two iPhone have all exhibited precisely the same problem, despite being looked after and not subject to adverse mechanical stress.

  14. If not UV light, maybe oil from the users hand? I worked repairing cell phones years ago. Some users oil on their skin ate away at the plastic on the phone.

  15. It may be a rheostat. It will change the output voltage depending on the position of the switch. The things that look like heating elements are resistors. Pull the wire and you change the resistance of the device which changes the voltage coming out of it.

  16. Maybe it held up temporary lighting or extension cords during construction.

  17. The largest stadium in North America is university of Michigans “Big House”.

  18. Only because they repainted the seats to squeeze more in. The seating area is ridiculously tiny, but they had to be the biggest.

  19. Thats how you find 4 leaf clover, look for a square instead of a triangle.

  20. Its not a raccoon. It doesn't move like one. I raised them as a kid.

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