I rescue primates professionally, this little guy went from living in a lab with a poor fate, to now living his best life of fun and freedom 💁🏽‍♂️❤️🐒(OC)

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  1. My grandmother had 7 kids from her own body in 12 years (all singles) and they looked happier than these children. They didn't even have indoor bathrooms in 1960 when the last one was born.

  2. That's much better than finding out on Thanksgiving like I did when my husband's "other wife" called me to let me that not only was she married to my husband but was pregnant as well. I was pregnant too.

  3. Other wife?!! Which country are you from?

  4. No one rents the cap. But yes you do go back and pick it up.

  5. I've rented my cap at at least two but I think all of my graduations (high school and beyond). You had the option to buy the full graduation ensemble (but all or nothing, I think) for each, but I don't know anyone who did. Renting was expensive enough!

  6. Thats wild. Never heard of that in my 40 years of graduations. My most recent kids set up was $65 to buy. Hopefully you had much better quality.

  7. LAUSD was closed, plus all privates on westside.I guess charter schools can make their own decisions. 🤷‍♀️

  8. This is terrifying. I'm 48. Thank god my husband got the V.

  9. I had a guy who did the same. I think they are married now.

  10. These people though have been actors for their entire lives.

  11. Reminds me of Joaquin Phoenix once saying that, at some point in his career, when the casting process of a good role made it to only two actors, one of them was DiCaprio.

  12. My kid is named after the winner. From a long line of winning names.

  13. I can confirm. I have been from pillar to post and ripping and running is what got me there. I will not, however, admit to letting the air out of the house. And I did not slam that gottdam door.

  14. Damn, sounds like my mother when I was a kid. But now that I'm grown, I totally get it!

  15. My step mom said that all the time. I was a nerd I never left the house and I still get it 35 years later.

  16. My daughter was very red like that as a newborn. Doctor said it was normal. Something to do with circulation still getting worked out

  17. But why do you want to call them out? Why can't you get in on the grift?

  18. I work for everything that I have, getting over like everyone else will blocking my blessings, but you wouldn’t know anything about that. I guess you like being a thief as well

  19. That is not true at all. I easily make probably 4x as much as you. Guess what my corporation does not give a fuck about me either. My high salary is nothing compared to the CEOs. A pittance really.

  20. I sell the ads. And activately look for bulk sellers. $10 for 2 years can turn into $2000+.

  21. A few years ago i was visiting my grandfather's grave in the japanese american section of the graveyard in Stockton, California, when i stumbled across a shared grave of a husband and wife, the husband born in Stockton in the early 1910s and the wife a little later in France, and the husband had a little military honor marking, and they both died half a lifetime later within a few years of each other in California.

  22. I was friends with a girl in highschool whos dad made well over 3+ million a year, and eventually closer to 10, who would not shut up about how by the time taxes etc its not that much. Likewise, she’d always talk about how broke SHE is and that its her parents that have money.

  23. I'm middle class and struggling to pay my kids tuition. Too rich and not poor enough. I drive a 20 year old car.

  24. Wtf. I live in one of the highest cost of living areas and that's wealthy even with 2 people.

  25. Possibly a scam, but all financial related jobs will pull your credit report and do a background check as part of the process. After you get an offer .

  26. When my kids got out of daycare (single mom thru divorce ) it was like I won the lottery. It was $1500 extra a month.

  27. Lead into gold? Get a few Smurfs, if it doesn't work you can eat them instead.

  28. If its any consolation by the time you hit 40+, hair volume won't be an issue anymore.

  29. Do you think she is already planning #8? Cuz this one will be too big to cuddle before too long.

  30. Depends how many embryos they have left. Larry's definitely not going through egg harvest again.

  31. We buried out cat in the woods where squirrels liked to play so he could chase them forever.

  32. I suggest that you dont watch National Geographic because most animals are eaten alive by other animals. Screaming all the way to a painful death

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