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  1. Do u have a youtube or smth, where I can watch you do a lap? I want to get better with the GT-R

  2. i have a track car for track days, why are you so angry?

  3. Instead of a crap plastic spoiler from halfords that does nothing but bend and wave over 60kmh you could have just put the money towards building it into an actual track car.

  4. Let’s get rid of all the American circuits except COTA

  5. Harassing people by screaming your “free speech” while they attempting to access a legal medical service

  6. And why should people getting the services have the power to impede on the constitutional rights of the protesters.

  7. Maybe they really believe that they're equally open to hiring everyone - but also feel like white man eligibility in game journalism is a given, and others are not as common, so they want to make sure everyone else knows that they have a chance too.

  8. That same BMW has been parked in the infield at every Glen race since. I see it every year.

  9. Underneath the Daytona grandstands iirc theres old pace cars stored under there right?

  10. My moms whole Irish side is Irish for the less time. I do try to keep up with my Irish roots so I’ll say it is a native tongue of mine, not primarily or fluent, but native

  11. By that logic every Irish man and woman who grew up as English speakers have English as their native tongue, not Irish

  12. Peter... Did you transform into a pride flag again?

  13. If Pluto was "downgraded" from planet before New Horizons launched. It would've been pointed somewhere else...and the 1994 picture would still be the best one of Pluto we'd have.

  14. I disagree, i say there would have been interest in studying the kuiper belt and its objects and Pluto being generally one of the closer KPO's would still be a prime target for examination

  15. Yeah its definetly similar, both 32 inches. Try Xbox and PS2 games on it they look fucking great man

  16. My Sim once woohooed with their bed. Is that masturbating? 😆

  17. I'm a 9 but my dad showed me his Commodore. Still has the green CRT monitor and everything but the CPU is dead in the Commodore

  18. Nope. I went to a DEIS school where the only foreign language subject was French and it wasn't mandatory

  19. Banning the Irish in the Pale from speaking Irish does not mean the Irish as a whole were banned from it.

  20. 'Boy that Mr Plow better be bonded and fully licensed by the city to operate that vehicle and plough my driveway I tell ya hwhat'

  21. On our sheet you'd fill it was blank and it would be 'your' decision on what to fill in. I actually remember one girl in our class filling 16 in lmao

  22. How enjoyable is the GTR to drive. Is it actually viable most tracks or just big straights?

  23. If youre generally a fast driver to where you begin to notice BOP effects on cars on specific tracks like you will start to notice the GTRs lack of downforce compared to the other more modern cars.

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