1. Wait some women have penises? And this was titled decades ago? I must have missed that memo, because nothing about this has been settled.

  2. Because transitioning is life saving medical care for many trans people, as it dramatically affects suicide rates. Advocating for preventing this medical care is essentially saying you'd rather they just die. Recognizing this is not saying that all trans people must medically transition, but just recognizing the fact that there is a significant population for whom it is necessary.

  3. No it doesn't why back before we had many trans people in the 50s and 60s were there not massive spikes in suicides?

  4. It’s mostly people coming at CBM. Most people don’t know what TESD is. It was nuts how many people tried to bash CBM when it came out. So weird - there’s so many more terrible reality shows. I never understood why so many people actively hated it in the early days.

  5. I think that comic nerds are very very sensitive about how they're portrayed take Big Bang Theory, people's hatred for that is completely irrational, I've heard it called "Nerd Blackface" and have been labelled a "Big Bang Theory Apologist" they treat it like it's the holocaust rather than a sitcom, I'm not saying it's any good but it ain't that bad.

  6. There’s big difference being a cool dick or just a dick. CM punk is just a dick I use to think he was cool and important. He had a great come Back and has farted into the wind if he was so amazing why is AEW still #2. I remember him giving a interview thinking he was going to be so interesting he was so boring. Sad too I was a big fan

  7. What are you on about he's consistently the best segment on Dynamite, dude's been serving some wonderful TV, his feud with MJF is probably gonna be feud of the year, his match with Dax was an absolute clinic, even his match with Dustin a few weeks ago was wonderful.

  8. Watson is a de-transitioner (ex trans man), I think to reduce her to terf is a bit of disservice

  9. She's a queen. She's 100% right about what she's written about sex-based rights and protections for the female sex. She's right about calling women "menstruators" and "uterus havers" to appease TRAs being disgusting. She's right that females need and should have the right to have sex-based facilities such as female only prisons, hospital wards, domestic violence shelters, homeless shelters, locker rooms, etc. and that self-ID "trans" women don't belong in them. The new idea that just any male can suddenly self-id as a woman (define woman without using the word, btw) and have access to vulnerable women and girls is horrifying. This is way differently than actual transsexuals that go through full medical transition. They are very few and far between. Fetishists and AGP males that like to experience "gender euphoria" (look it up) aren't in the same category.

  10. Idk... Any criminal groups could be gnarly.

  11. Nice! My Mustang is the opposite color scheme.

  12. Put it this way if there was hell on earth it would be in a South American prison I’ve seen some horrible videos come out of there

  13. The dude who was fed his own fingers like a mamma bird feeding a baby.

  14. John their singer is a Quanon nut case now, so it’s a little more than just garden variety right wing at this point.

  15. Yeah John Ransom has gone off the deep end recently that has to be said, his Facebook was an absolute shit show. But I don't know if he's a fascist I think he's very confused individual and a bit of a right wing nutter but he ain't a neo nazi

  16. The Smut Peddlers definitely run a bit right wing, but garden variety right wing, definitely not fascist band, as for Anal Cunt they were a joke band, but Seth was in Vaginal Jesus with Jim Crow from Mudoven and they were like a racist joke band so who knows.

  17. I can’t disagree with you there, for every DK there’s likely a Screwdriver somewhere. But this comment of yours is entirely opposite to your comment above.

  18. I should have prefixed it by saying most of the punk I listen to is not political. To me punk is an extension of the Bay City Rollers and Nuggets style garage.

  19. I mentioned BCR because they were a huge influence on Joey Ramone and subsequently became an influence on punk as the Ramones influenced everyone to start a band

  20. Punk is just fast and distorted garage music, it's not inherently left or right wing. Look at all the original punk bands like Stooges, NY Dolls, Dictators and the Ramones they were saying about fast cars and banging girls. There was no political ideology behind it. Just disaffected and bored youth wanting to get high and laid.

  21. No i just expect you to actually look at the links you post

  22. And every single one disproves your point. How about you back up your mental and demonstrably untrue claims.

  23. Nah man, the unnecessary gore videos just brought the worst people, I like keeping up to date with the drug war and the links are never hard to find.

  24. There's plenty of gore sites with all this stuff on. This like coming to Reddit for porn 😅 you've got whole sites dedicated to it.

  25. What a great article. It always blows my mind the depth of depravity educated rational humans can sink into given the right environment. I always expect these cartel killers to be there super villains but when they're caught they mostly look like pudgy unassuming men.

  26. You know I ask myself often when I watch these vids, how it came so far. What happened in their life, that they get slaughtered or why they slaughter someone else.

  27. I watch these videos and wonder how I got so far and what happened in my life that I'm watching this shit 😅

  28. Get to a good place in life where you are having fun doing your own thing, go bowling or to the cinema, do some creative shit. By bthe time you get to that point you want anyone to take up your time. Once you carved yourself out a nice little existence, the idea of having to share your time with someone else will seem repelent to you. Intimacy is cool, but not as cool doing awesome stuff every night.....that's when you'll probably get a girlfriend, when you really don't have any time or want for one

  29. Anyone have any backstory on this video? Who's the cartel responsible?

  30. Any government who makes drugs illegal is funding this in a round about way, it's a prohibition, plain and simple. The problem is on the regulatory end not the consumer end. This is a byproduct of the war on drugs, don't lay this on the door of the addict, there ain't a junky out there who wouldn't score clean stuff through legal channels if they could.

  31. I keep thinking about this woman and I feel bad, not that she don't deserve it because if she's mixed up with cartels on a sicario level she's probably done some terrible things and deserves the karma

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