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  1. I think she just didn't say it that time, I heard it in a game yesterday.

  2. Every single pack I open it's 2 greys and a blue, very rarely do I get anything purple or gold and if I do it's a holo spray or a banner frame.

  3. I think thats very situational. Please for the love of God stop smoking the enemy for no reason, 9 out of 10 times when we have a random Bang and we loose a fight it was because the genius smokes the enemies we were shooting and now we can’t see and they have cover to heal and most people me included do not want to push blindly into smoke. If it’s for res, looting, closing distance, repositioning, cutting off line of sight from an angle is fine, smoke it just please take the situation into account.

  4. This is what I mean, it feels like random bangalores always do this shit and give the enemies time to heal and reposition. I don't even play Bangalore but it pisses me off so much.

  5. The reason you shoot the smokes AT the enemy rather than at your feet is because if they're on height and you shoot it at your feet, you're just going to be running out of it soon so it really gives you no cover.

  6. If the enemy team has high ground I suppose this is true, but what if you have two teams at the same height and health. What's the point of making it harder to hit your shots on the enemies abd possibly giving them time to run?

  7. Even on 8x it has aim assist (unlike other snipers)?

  8. Yes unlike every other sniper, thats why I've been thinking she's overpowered at least on console. Crazy aim assist + huge bullets.

  9. Devs did their job when they added the pride badge. /s

  10. Why'd you get downvoted. Apparently apex players don't understand sarcasm.

  11. Its reddit. I don’t mind. It was indeed sarcasm and indicated as such, but oh well. The sentiment is offensive name deserves ban, especially when considering mr poopybutt got banned

  12. Thats apex (and tbh most online multiplayers) for you, everything gets banned yet nothing gets banned. I mean funny/jokey names get banned and offensive names just get to exist half the time with no repercussions.

  13. This is the only problem I have with Vantage, the ult is too strong by itself just because of this, the bullet is too damn thicc! I don't even mind the damage on consecutive shots if the bullet was a normal sentinel size.

  14. I've also done some testing in the firing range and vantages ult also has some insane aim assist (worth clarifying I am on console obviously). Compared it to the kraber and the sentinel that have almost no aim assist, and it seems vantages ult is ridiculously easy to hit shots with.

  15. Go to the firing range and aim at the bots and move around. Don't even move your stick it's got a shit ton of aim assist, especially once you also pick up a sentinel and try the same thing.

  16. Well you know except for the fact that ones basically an H.P. Lovecraft demon who wants to consume all possible knowledge and the others a relatively friendly/neutral tree person..... (yeah i know your comment was probably sarcasm, this one is too)

  17. It's not Doom fans just can't recognize that other games have double barrel shotguns apparently seeing as this same post has been here multiple times.

  18. Shotguns had decent range back in CE, but they nerfed it from Halo 2 onwards. I just find it funny how short range shotguns are in games compared to real life. While the original doom feels more like a real shotgun when it comes the range and spread.

  19. They buffed the range of the shotguns in reach-infinite though, and thank god because 2 and 3s shotguns were complete garbage.

  20. I don't think that's the case. Being a BR doesn't mean that loot pool should be random - gameplay experience is heavily affected by it. For example, walking around and not finding weapons can make players just drop the game. There must be a balance and Respawn actively do changes according to that. You might find the current loot pool fine (as other users commented already) but it's definitely not random - and could be improved in my opinion. At this point I'm not liking the amount of lasers I'm finding everywhere - merging those with barrels could be a good thing (that's my personal opinion but let's see what others say).

  21. Okay but your experience dosen't speak for everyone though. I feel like I can barley find more than a grey laser most games while I still find blue and even purple stabilizers on the regular. Personally I don't understand the complaint of having a large loot pool it's a battle royale, you're not SUPPOSED to get exactly what you want every single game.

  22. He never said he did speak for everybody. He posted this to generate discussion. It's what the sub is for.

  23. Okay and I'm discussing my experience, he makes it seem like theres so many attachments that he can't ever find barrel stabilizers which in my experience simply isn't true.

  24. And y’all complained about valk being annoying.

  25. I wanna like Holly but they tried way to hard with the "Stereotypical horror movie watching teen"

  26. I see bloodhound didn't get quite as lucky with their apex packs...

  27. I know right? Everyone knows mad maggie mains don't actually exist...

  28. Only if you aren't paying attention and taking too long to loot. Especially if you land edge, you'll more than likely have one of the few balloons. Prioritize looting towards the balloon and communicate with teammates so you're each more likely to find what the other needs on the way. Haven't had a problem with ring since the second day playing like this.

  29. Maybe if you have a pre-made squad this would work. But not everyone has people to communicate with while playing. Some people have to play with randoms, and most the time the randoms aren't going to communicate.

  30. I keep seeing people say it's such a good game, but I personally can't get through the first few levels. Not because of difficulty or anything it's just so slow and boring for me. I'm sure it gets better later in, and I know they were trying to make it a horror game, but it just dosen't work for me. I've just kinda accepted that doom 3 isn't for me.

  31. Giancarlo Esposito, and he’s a legit great actor. We all know him from Breaking Bad, but he also does a great job in the Mandalorian and an excellent job in Do the Right Thing which is always overlooked when discussing his career.

  32. Good actor, sure he is. I've personally never seen anything he's in but I keep seeing him fancast as Mr.Freeze in a possible The Batman sequel and personally I just don't see it. He dosen't look or sound anything like I'd imagine the character to, maybe the director could make it work but I don't know.

  33. This might be a stupid question, but how or why do you have a bunch of legendary/epic bh emotes, and the heirloom but are using the default skin.

  34. The guy has never used a purple barrel

  35. Bros never used the r301 in general apparently, especially against someone standing completely still .

  36. It's everyone's go to every season, the r301 is the equivalent of the M4 from modern warfare. Clearly the best gun but it's place the meta wouldn't dare be touched by the devs.

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