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  1. So why ya’ll leave all the scam post up for days that get flagged?

  2. When they flagged I get notified and delete them. Some don’t even get flagged and I delete them first.

  3. The one near me had 4 hobby boxes and I bought all 4. They were only $80 a box.

  4. i think you can just do a reddit request?

  5. Thank you for the reply. The admins fixed it for me.

  6. There is no battle. Max pain is $5.50. You obviously have no clue what the battle of $8.01 was all about.

  7. I was reluctant also, but a few of my credit cards use Plaid and have had no problems except in the beginning they couldn’t find my credit union.

  8. What's a brokerage that's not fucking their people over and has control over their systems?

  9. We are deleting all the scam NFT posts when they are flagged. We are still here just not as many.

  10. So we just gotta be more diligent in flagging scams?

  11. I’m a volunteer so it does help if they get flagged.

  12. If you already sold then get lost and don’t take everyone else down with you to make yourself feel better. Worry about yourself. If you were truly here since the beginning then you would have made money on selling at $7.

  13. One question why is AMC popcorn only available at Walmart it should be on all shelves in every supermarket around the world including all online venues. It's been in the works for some time now so supply and demand shouldn't be a problem.

  14. Must be sold out. I tried to buy more and delivery is not available.


  16. Why do you hold MMNFF? How many shares and at what share price average? Personally it would help me process who it is I'm talking to.

  17. I hold 5,000 shares I bought at $1 almost 2 years ago. I’m still buying more to reduce my average

  18. Nuttier than squirrel poop. Have a great day me and you.

  19. So how much is Citadel paying you?

  20. Shitadel pays me nothing. I volunteer as a mod because I love the stock and the company.

  21. Can you stop give this scumbag any attention??? Idk why people still watch him?!!

  22. I agree, but I have been seeing new apes talking about him.

  23. I apologize. We all make mistakes and removed the comment.

  24. I didn’t see that. Your post was here first and better. I will remove mine.

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