The incredible moment where Alex Jones is informed that his own lawyer accidentally sent a digital copy of his entire phone to the Sandy Hook parents' lawyer, thereby proving that he perjured himself.

Did somebody say 'Murica?

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  1. I've heard that they sometimes do this to cover their nose when they are cold to help warm up. Might be bullshit, but when I check my cat's nose it is warm after she's been doing this.

  2. I seem to remember WR Tony Hill taking snaps at QB for the Cowboys because the entire QB roster was injured. Hill played QB in high school apparently.

  3. I've been scanning the comments looking for something about an open air restaurant where a hippo can appear at any moment and buss your table. No thanks.

  4. As an old Houston Oilers fan, this color scheme is close to my heart!

  5. I'm going to buy one right now. And I'm going to open it and put it on my desk and laugh at it. But I only laugh because I'm jealous that I will never have an action figure made out of me

  6. Honestly, every time I hear about someone wanting to leave due to politics I just wonder what makes them feel secure that these things won't follow them elsewhere. Feel whatever you want about the Christian right, but they created a cornerstone political issue and united behind it. Their supreme court victory was a decades long endeavor that most of those who started the movement didn't live to see succeed. Decades of savvy, if distasteful, political maneuvering. Decades of relentless, dedicated organization. Decades of voting the right people in (for them) and, more importantly, actually holding their motherfucking candidates accountable and falling the fuck in line when it's time to vote to get shit done. That type of political drive terrifies us all, as it should. We are fucked if we can't surpass it. Do we really think these people won't make headway in blue states? For every state they no longer have to fight in to ban abortion and whatever else may come in the future, all of that time, energy and money can be devoted to their new battlegrounds.Texas is a battleground state and election after election progress has been made. They want us to leave our home. Take a peek at conservative subs and you might spot posts about "liberals" leaving red states and they are absolutely gushing over it. It does their job for them.

  7. My family of two breakdown is very similar to this, except my grocery budget is almost double yours! TBF, my wife buys lot's of organic products.

  8. Thank you for this information! It is very helpful

  9. How come every time I want perjury to mean something nothing comes out of it? I mean, they just caught this guy red-handed. Other people perjure themselves in front of Congress and it just doesn't seem to matter.

  10. Dude, I want to know! If I ever have the good fortune to run into him somewhere, that's what I'm going to ask him.

  11. I grew up on Surfside in the 70s/80s and nobody made politics part of their identity. Most annoying thing some people did was blasting whatever music they liked as if everyone on the beach wanted to hear it.

  12. But the boobs are no more than two years old.

  13. I was at that party! I used to be a concert lighting tech and was invited by the company that provided the lighting rig for that show. It was cutting-edge stuff.

  14. I would also like to know the thoughts behind this, but sadly, asking the question in the bubble will not get a meaningful response.

  15. I go to Derrick's Barber Shop on Whitestone. He's great! And yeah, a complementary beer is always nice

  16. Native Texan and 30 year Austinite here, and I've been considering a move to Minneapolis. Yes, the politics of the Texas government are nothing short of medieval, and Austin has completely changed from the "small town" it was when I got here, but this is still a great city to call home. Home prices are high, cost of living is climbing, and the heat is for real. But in general the people are friendly and warm, the city is rich in arts, entertainment and food, HEB is the best grocery chain in the world, and you will never lack for fun and interesting things to see and do. This city has been so good to my family and friends and I will always love it. I hope your experience here is as good as mine has been. The only reason I am considering Minneapolis is to spend my retirement years in a somewhat progressive society where climate change is tolerable. I won't leave until I complete my masters degree here in a few years, though.

  17. Man, that place is good, but I go into a coma after eating there. Worth it, though

  18. Truth is, I always feel bad for kickers who miss a game winner. What a terrible spot to be in.

  19. Thank you I am in texas and sadly they require a front plate. I'll still check out that bumper plugs though for sure

  20. I'm also in Texas and have not had a front plate for about 5 years. I figure I'll put the front plate on once I get a ticket, but it hasn't happened yet. From what I gather, only the highway patrol really pays attention or cares.

  21. 13 and 14 are the best years for mustangs outside of the classic years. I'll die on this hill. Sweet ride.

  22. I own a 17 now, and I agree with you. If my 14 had not been totalled I would still be driving it.

  23. Anytime I'm alone in a public restroom and an unattended kid comes in I clamp off that pee midstream and get the fuck out of there. No hand washing. I can find some sanitizer somewhere.

  24. Many, many years ago I worked concert security for a promoter in Houston. I was posted at the dressing room entrance and ordered to let absolutely no one enter Diana Ross's dressing room unless they had an orange pass. Three NFL players approached the door and tending to go in and two of them had passes. The one that didn't was Warren Moon. I stopped him from going in, and he verbally abused me and tried to intimidate me into letting him go in. I wouldn't budge, even though he could have easily flicked me aside like a bug. His buddies were very chill and talked to him into going back and securing the proper pass. He came back a few minutes later with the orange pass and then made it a point to stick it in my face and berate me. But I let him in. When the Bills beat him during the greatest comeback in NFL history a couple of years later I was pretty pleased.

  25. The Office and 30 Rock are on loop in my house. But my wife and I managed to get 3 cycles of Ted Lasso in since we first saw it in late May

  26. I’d want the falcons to win against the patriots. That was just brutal for Falcons fans

  27. I was sick of the Patriots, for sure, but I really wanted them to win LII.

  28. Well well well. If your VCR works you can watch your team win one.

  29. I'll have you know, I managed to get all three super bowls on a single VHS cassette using a recorder with a SLP setting.

  30. Agree somewhat, but I believe that the city would have dragged this out for far too long had the Statesman not released it. If they had let the city know that they had it in their possession, there would have even more attempts to cover it up. Sunlight is the best disinfectant here. Their excuses about sanitizing the video don't strike me as genuine. It isn't the Statesman's fault that the parents found out this way, this is ALL on the city.

  31. My cynical take is that they were going to stall long enough for the next mass shooting, which would take the spotlight off of them and let them ride it out as quietly as possible.

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