1. He might be referring to help with a problem he has, in this case killing children

  2. Is it like zombies where the only way to cure it is to cut off the infected limb?

  3. Awesome! They look like a detective and the type of person i'd like to be friends with

  4. Ok ok im sorry im sorry, ill stop playing stalker and actually help you save the world

  5. Oh, God, you just reminded me, I've left Niko sleeping for about a month now, I gotta boot the game back up.

  6. Very good, i like how they look bothered by spamtons existince

  7. My kit is essentially a mix of Random stuff I've got with an inspiration of a Vietnam type look

  8. As a fellow m1 helmet guy, steel helmets are a lifestyle not a choice.

  9. True, I haven’t personally handled them, but they look really fiddly

  10. If you dont practice you might get the discs backward a couple times but heres a tip, front towards enemy

  11. Operation sucessful, head to debriefing and await further orders

  12. I stopped having a opinion beneficial to anyone about undertale a long time ago do i decided to stop having an opinion about it altogether

  13. Did you forget they said they only got through three and were probably gonna do a part 2

  14. Reading a scary story and compulsively checking over your shoulder

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