1. great commentary! guess i will put in my 2 cents and say he's definitely all about 'chance" meaning himself. He like some others got a horseshoe on their arse befriending these women before they leave prison, having an address, a place to live, etc. Where else would this bum go?? I DO NOT like the way both of them shoved that poor Bobbie into that hole in the wall (literally) garage and out of the house, then the girl relapses/ overdoses ,,,terrible, terrible situation. Why couldnt Bobbie stay the in the house??? He was way too cocky and believing this is "his house" all off a sudden, that jail bird Chance should be in the garage not Bobbie. Tayler is a ding bat for letting it go down. I dont have respect for her. When people start overdosing, etc on this show, I think LAL should rethink these contracts for these people and try to avoid tragedy. It is exploiting situations.

  2. One of the most disturbing parts to me is his reasoning behind the whole moving Bobbi thing. It was to give the oldest daughter “privacy”. Why would he be so adamant that she needs privacy?

  3. Gross!! also why did ding bat bring that man into her house upon release ?? She doesnt know him from adam, terrible judgement as a mother!!!

  4. It’s such a personal preference, but my fave rn is Carolina Herrera Good Girl hands down. I can’t get enough

  5. Not what you asked but… My mom has one, so I’ve had a few chances to try it. Let’s just say I don’t want one, and just do my regular routine. If you haven’t tried it yet, I’d say try it before investing.

  6. I’ve heard such mixed reviews but I somehow keep coming back to it. I can’t justify the cost so I keep my Ulta points stacking up and one day maybe it’ll tip the scale into being worth it. That 20% would really help my cause

  7. You could try it at a salon if you don’t have any other access. My $300 stylist used it on me and like I said, I wasn’t impressed one bit. Still keeping my stylist because she is my color expert.

  8. How does this compare to Good Girl? It’s one of my faves but I haven’t tried Very Good Girl yet.

  9. No shit? Here in the US I am blessed enough with light periods which only last 3 days. If it falls on a weekend, I can get by stuffing tp in my panties!

  10. Please send me $2500 so I can get a ticket to New York to meet you.

  11. I only have a cashiers check for $3500, but I’m sure you’re an honest midwestgirl and will kindly send me back the difference. Right, dear?

  12. Oh honey of course I will. Do you need a computer so we can keep communicating without using your friends laptop?

  13. Well now that you mention it.. my love the screen broke on my friend’s computer and we can only get bad internet. No reliable. If you can pleas just send me on my cashapp, I will marry you and make you my wife.

  14. You did an absolutely stunning job! But whyyyyyyyyy does every single wedding I see has this same aesthetic?

  15. It’s just the style that is in these days. What the bride wants that’s what the bride gets!

  16. Oh I understand, having been a bride myself previously. You are a fantastic designer, keep up the great work. You delivered the perfect bouquet per their specs.

  17. Ever since I can remember. I originate from a very soup-centric country. Lunch is our biggest meal of the day and includes soup and an entree. Soup was mandatory growing up, not eating it wasn’t an option.

  18. I know, I’m a bit biased when it comes to OB. But that’s because I was born and raised in this town and have been hanging in OB forever. And that’s not to say I don’t love our other beach areas either. They all have their pluses and minuses. I’m just partial to OB, what can I say

  19. I hear ya. I’m just thinking a group of girls from out of town may or may not enjoy the OB experience depending on what they’re looking for.

  20. My only caveat would be the homeless situation down there. If they kind of hovered around north OB over by Dog Beach, that might be cool. Then they could mosey on over to Newport for some night life

  21. I love the Newport nightlife, but as a woman I know I gotta be careful. It can get pretty sketchy late at night.

  22. Make sure y’all are taking the free gift signs down!! Then most people won’t know there’s a free gift. Or I’d just let them know you didn’t get them in, OR, offer to do a store to door so they can get the free gift, and your store gets the credit for it.

  23. I have a Qmom, too. Sometimes I engage and sometimes I scroll. Depends on my level of boredom. Lol

  24. Scroll? My Qmom hasn’t been allowed near my SM in years.

  25. Mine has been blocked on all platforms since 2018. It’s bad enough that we already spend way too much time together in person (by necessity).

  26. One night…. I was operating the green line into Arnele station and I noticed a guy mad-dogging the train pulling into the station. As I look into my platform-side mirror I notice he’s taking a giant shit which he scoops up in his hand and proceeds to enter the rear car.

  27. Omfg this made me laugh cry. Best end to my weekend, many thanks 🙏🏻

  28. Oo do tell! I’m out of the loop. What did she do?

  29. She posted herself doing a spread eagle yoga pose on some dude with her hands close to his crotch.

  30. Hmm…I don’t think it was classless. It just seemed like some sort of yoga/contortion or Pilobolus type of weight-sharing pose 🤷🏻‍♀️

  31. I didn’t say it and maybe “classless” isn’t the right word, but let’s just say it’s not culturally modest for her.

  32. Thais and Patrick’s seemed like the best wedding and I liked Cara and Thai’s dresses. All of the weddings seemed fine but I wasn’t a fan of Emily’s wedding venue or Bilal’s living room wedding.

  33. Yes, wtf Bilal? Why your house? It’s not like it’s some fancy sprawling estate.

  34. Idk how arravated are you prepared to be? Would something like a car breaking or straight up car theft be a deal breaker? Just some of the things I’ve dealt with over the years multiple times in SD beach areas.

  35. Musubi is delicious! I recommend trying it in Hawaii, where it was invented.

  36. Check out the Mothership in South Park and take a walk around the area. This area definitely not touristy and well loved by locals.

  37. Well-loved by locals is a funny way to describe the mothership considering it just opened like a week ago 😂

  38. I've never heard anyone use the term birthing person

  39. I’m from a formerly communist country and I still remember that regime, even though I was a child when it ended. We spoke a different language, but nah, no equivalent of “birthing person”.

  40. Ok I’m definitely gonna use that. Thank you and have my free award.

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