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  1. Guys here is possibly a good solution. Instead of having a lead indicator with a clear small box to aim at, have a either very large box or circle, so the lead indicator isn't exactly accurate, but accurate enough that it would definitely help with aim. The large scale of the box indicator would also help preventing people from just tracking the center of the box so easily.

  2. anything that has at least 30mm of pen can shoot the mg port and kill it

  3. That's not true, with volumetric plus just the shit in the way you would need around 100m of pen to comfortably pen the MG port.

  4. That sounds like a skill issue, I even question how that would have occurred because as soon as the PZ2 penned your MG port you would have easily been able to just shoot him back since your gunner and driver wouldn't have been dead. I also said comfortably, what I mean by that is anything that isn't like over 50mm in size and has less then 100mm of pen isn't going to do enough post pen damage to even concern a jumbo

  5. To be fair i encountered a cheater yesterday and posted it but i believe it got shadowbanned because i dont see it on the WT community anymore and no one can like it. I posted replay link and video evidence. the entire game is blatant cheating.

  6. An admin bot would have commented saying if it was removed from the community. Also it's probably because the community doesn't want random posting about the "cheaters" they find.

  7. It's probably you needing to learn your guns and start shooting at longer distances. American have accurate 20mms and 50cals, if you learn then you can easily snipe planes before they get into their optimal distance to burst you.

  8. I've played for 5ish wipes also, I havnt played much this wipe, around 80 games lvl 19, I have had a bad time because I started about 3 weeks into wipe, but I definitely hasn't been bad from a mechanic pov. I have only seen 1 clear cheater and I've been enjoying it alot tbh.

  9. My best advice is learn maps, learn loot and what spawns where (this is literally done by trial and error, and time played) run cheap gear. You are dying because you are pushing fights you can't win (run when you should) you are losing money because you don't know where to loot, what to loot and how to get out of maps safely. Run cheap gear (like an SKS) to make the cost of your runs cheaper, while also keeping you deadly enough to fight your local scav. Once you learn a map and it's loot, try to learn other maps. Go back to your first map you learnt to make money when you need it. The quests help with learn the maps layouts, but they probably won't help much with learning loot spawns and good loot.

  10. My man the bullet literally goes through both eyes. He definitely doesn't miss it.

  11. Is this a community where you want us to be able to post too? If so would you have any rules to go along with it?

  12. This is bullshit. I unloaded 8 rds of magnum in that tool yesterday and he chased me while I was trying to reload. He couldn’t catch me so he pulled out his AK and full auto’d my ass in the back

  13. I have never had this man chase me, he has always mag dumped me every time I've seen him


  15. I had I look at this link and I found 3 individual fires in Crimea, they are all directly on rail lines or very close to then (under 500m) the mostly promising ones I found, was one right before a bridge that enters Crimea, and one that is on a z shaped turn in the western part of central Crimea. Hopefully they have had multiple attempts, or one of these is actually it

  16. It's quite common for trains to ignite dry grass along the rails, sparks flying off of breaks and whatnot.

  17. Ah that could very a valid explanation then

  18. Bs how? I've watched him play plenty and he is by no means showing any sort of sus, hell he seems like he's half deaf at times lol

  19. Yea man's trash at the game, so he decides to buy some cheap cheats to help him improve and gets banned right away. He then crys to you and your mates being like "dam they banned me for no reason" when in reality he's a dumbass who tried to cheat. He got banned for a reason.

  20. Considering how bad the bot detection is it's entirely possible that the current bot detection bans legitimate players. You genuinely have no way of knowing for sure whether or not you're right, meaning there's no point in making that claim. Idk why you're so desperate to suck off the devs on a public forum but whatever, you do you bro.

  21. I'm not sucking off devs, I just don't join this hate wagon for an indy game. Also I again am going to say I haven't seen a single example of people actually being accidentally banned yet. Even if it does happen it few and far between. I doubt this man's friend wasn't cheating

  22. Well I often have German 4.0 games with 7-12kills+ but we still lose.

  23. propaganda stupid treating us Russian like animals.

  24. People are kinda made because russia has indeed invaded a nation for no reason lmao. Obviously not every russian is bad, but it is pretty sad that this is happening

  25. Of course but dont glorify russian deaths.

  26. They are pretty much wilfully participating in an unjust war

  27. Altyn, slick, black rock, 9mm vector, and PBP rounds with standard meds

  28. I doubt this is a worth it kit, PBP is basically impossible to come by

  29. Subjective, I craft PBPs before bed and then take them in the first mag. Does will enough that I enjoy it. If I don't have the ammo then I'll substitute an M7A1

  30. Ah fair enough. I love a good mp7 ngl. Idk how you feel about it but the 45 vector makes me cum a little too tbh. I frequently use it has a budget gun on labs

  31. After I broke a tooth in half eating a whole carrot I now also make sticks. But yes always been a snack.

  32. Oh sorry I must have miss read it, yea if you shoot him twice and he's still not dead, that's kinda ass

  33. More then 2 hits to kill from a bolty is terrible. You’ve either lost the kill because they run or they kill you.

  34. Oh sorry so more then 2 hits, yea thats bad

  35. This comment is really stupid. Most Americans are in favor of better, affordable healthcare. What point are you making here?

  36. Well not most, pretty much any right winged ass say to you to go fuck yourself and your communist beliefs if you even mention socialized health care

  37. Literally most of America is predominantly right winged, or right leaning. Even their liberals can be considered right leaning compared to the rest of the world

  38. Yeah, the Q-5 (Which is the non-export name for that airframe just in case) is literally a Mig-19 airframe modified to be a CAS jet.

  39. Yea thats what I thought, like I fucking love the mig19 (and would probably love the Q-5) BUT I fucking hate come across it (or the A5-C) because one of them are stupidly under tired with really good missiles/Cas

  40. the A-5C is the only mig-19 or derivate that has decent missiles tho and its not even that much undertiered

  41. Yea sadly the community has been calling for decompression for literally years, the best we got was the top rank being changed for 10.0 to 11.7 even though they could have made the BR range upto 15 lmao

  42. Honestly I would say the only issue is, you find every stock part of a gun, but you never find the action. If they allowed the spawns of completely stripped guns to spawn in crates, it would lowkey actually add value to these stock part imagine playing a raide and literally completely building and AK with all the random parts you found

  43. Bombers were fun and actually productive to play... once... a long long time ago.

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